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Sep 15, 2013 01:55 PM

Amherst Area...

I'm going to see my daughter play up at Becker, but am staying with a friend in Amherst. I'd like to take her out to dinner, but am clueless as to what is available, and she's not in a position to really go out much.


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  1. we need some parameters of what she and you would like, and how much money you want to spend max. there are previous threads in here on Amherst as well.

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      Sorry for not responding sooner. I'll check out the previous threads. I'm pretty flexible on food, except I am not fond of sushi. She's pretty much the same. I'd like to keep it to under $100, all in. I like a glass (or two....) of wine with dinner, but she's not much of a drinker.