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Sep 15, 2013 01:36 PM

any newer restaurants "buzzy" atmosphere?

Some girlfriends and I are going to NYC in early oct. (6 people) we all used to live there, but have since moved. Places late that we have been to include beauty & essex, stanton social, buddakhan, tao. Are there any new places with great food but buzzy atmosphere? Mid 30's. Cuisine and price not an issue. Thanks!

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  1. Early October means you're past the 1 month window for getting reservations. The really hip places will possibly be fully booked already, so you should begin making reservations ASAP.

    Have you checked out the Heat Maps?

    1. If you like those party girl Bridge and Tunnel /tourist type places, try Manon. Though food was in fact pretty good.

      1. Downstairs at Esquina is still a scene, the food is best after your first margarita :)
        Hotel on rivington's lounge is always happening
        The fashion people go to Coi, the bar at the Andaz hotel, and cellar bar near bryant park, especially thurs pm- but not many straight men around if you're looking....

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          Koi is the restaurant in Bryant Park Hotel (now also in Trump Soho); Bar Downstairs is the bar underneath the Andaz Fifth Ave.Cellar Bar is the bar in BP Hotel.

          Fashion crowd use to go there around Fashion Week(s) though since the tents moved to Lincoln Center, not sure if so much anymore.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Ipse, can we now address you as "Buzzy" in the courthouse?

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I don't want to start a stupid CH argument, but only for purposes of aiding the OP, I question whether someone thinking of Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social is going to find Quality Italian "buzzy".

              1. re: Sneakeater

                Agree with you here. Not sure its the "vibe" the OP is looking for....

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  You're both right as I just realized I had a brain fart.

                  I meant to say Quality Meats (not Italian).

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Not to fight, but just to help the OP, I don't think Quality Meats is what she's thinking of, either.