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Sep 15, 2013 01:35 PM

Ethnic restuarants in Salzburg, Vienna and Prague

I will be visiting Austria and Prague at the end of September/beginning of October and have perused the existing threads for recommendations. I am definitely glad to so much activity on CH regarding Vienna and Prague! I was reading a travel blog about Vienna that recommended a Georgian restaurant which piqued my interest as that is a cuisine that I don't have access to here in the US. Are there any other ethnic cuisines that are well represented in these cities?

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  1. There are a quite few interesting ethnic restaurants in Vienna, but of course the majority is just basic Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish food, not to mention the terrible sushi and/or fried noodles you get at every corner...

    Here are a few worth visiting:

    The Georgian place you mentioned is most likely the Cafe Ansari on Praterstrasse. It is a mixture of French cafe and Georgian restaurant, but has quite a few interesting dishes, and a nice outdoor dining area.

    Right next door is Mochi, a Japanese fusion restaurant.

    A few blocks away is Simchas, a kosher Usbekian restaurant, serving a very interesting version of kosher food.

    Another place we love to go is an Iranian grill: Hatam on Währingerstrasse. The minced lamb filet on rice is one of my favorite dishes.

    For an authentic Thai street kitchen visit Isaan Thai on Gumpendorferstrasse

    and for upscale Vietnamese food the Good Morning Vietnam:

    And you can even get some authentic Szechuan cuisine at Zum kaiserlichen Thron:

    Back to Good Old Europe:
    There are quite a few Irish pubs worth visiting for their food:

    And you can even get regional Italian cuisine:
    The Cantina Friulana serves food from the Friuli region and has recently gained a seal of authenticity:

    and at Wetter you get an impression about Ligurian food as served in Genova and surroundings:

    One block away from Wetter is Restaurant Kent, a Turkish grill serving also a few authentic dishes you will not get at other kebap places:

    And there are even two Ethiopian places worth mentioning:

    Just one more thing: For extra fresh seafood, wild caught and/or aqua farmed, get one of the many Croatian places:
    low-end: Konoba and Lubin

    high-end: Kornat and Aurelius

    1. Here are some additional ethnic eats for Vienna:

      Petit Maroc (Morroccan)
      Neubaugasse 84
      1070 Wien

      Bodega Marques (Spanish)
      Parisergasse 1
      1010 Wien

      Viethao (Vietnamese)
      Karslplatz between Kartner Strasse and Operngasse

      Levante (Middle Eastern/Israeli)
      Josefstädter Straße 14
      1070 Wien

      Curry Insel (Sri Lankan)
      Lenaugasse 4
      1080 Wien

      Polish (can't remember the restaurant name
      )on Zieglergasse between Kandlgasse and Seidengasse
      Pyrogis of the day listed on the blackboard out front

      Los Mexikas (Mexican)
      Lange Gasse 14
      1080 Wien

      I will think harder on ethnic in Prague, but to be honest I have not found much ethnic food there that is very good, as opposed to Vienna. You can get lucky on occassion with Vietnamese but more often than not you will be disappointed. The only 3 ethnic places that jump out at me right now are:

      Les Moules (Belgian
      )Pařížská 203/19 (Jewish Quarter)‎

      Mexican Restaurant (sorry name escapes me again
      )A couple of doors down from Bohemia Bagel at Masná 2 in the Jewish Quarter.

      A new British Fish and Chip shop, name also escapes me at the intersection of Dlouha and Ramova about 100 metres away from the venerable and not ethnic Lokal. British is ethnic to me, not sure about you :-)

      1. For something quite different, the Uzbek dishes in Prague are great at Samarkand:

        And for some surprisingly good Indian food, this place right off the Old Town Square hits the spot:

        A fair amount of passable Vietnamese is also found here and there throughout the city.

        1. Thanks for the thorough replies, looks like I have some great options when I feel like something other than Schnitzels and sausages. I'm still intrigued by trying Georgian cuisine and Samarkand in Prague looks to be a great find too. I'm getting excited for my trip!

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            If you do turn up at Samarkand, I really recommend the plov dishes. Although kind of heavy with all the rice, the flavor is superb.
            Enjoy your trip!

          2. Dear Violet,

            could it be that the Georgian you mean is Satrapezo. I went recently and it is good - Natives, Georgian natives, took me for a treat. Not fine dining, but tasty and generous, seriously good wine and indeed different from Viennese meat-and-starch.

            Other ethnic dining in Vienna is not that great. Most indian, south east asian and japanese are disappointing. There is no tradition of fish. And worse: these regional ethnic cuisines are confined to the lower bottom price bracket of the market. If you had Manhattan, Toronto or SF as a benchmark for chinese or korean or thai, you should to think twice.

            Prague is better: it has a large and very active Vietnamese community. Sansho, a fusion of Vietnamese, Indonesian and locally reared organic meats is top class.

            Enjoy and report back.