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Sep 15, 2013 10:11 AM

Apple Orchards in RI

We love going out to the pick-your-own apple orchards at this time of year, but we're always sad to leave our beloved canine companion at home. Many orchards ban even leashed pets (often for health and safety reasons, I'd imagine, if they use drops for cider.) In any event, we're searching for a dog-friendly operation, and I thought I'd ask the board before I started making a ton of phone calls. Have you visited any orchards with your dog? Seen any dogs at the orchard? Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated! I'm starting to get the apple-pie bug...

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  1. Thought I should post an update for any fellow dog-lovers on the board. After some research, we finally found the Old Stone Orchard in Adamsville (Little Compton). Not only was it a beautiful drive in a very scenic part of the state, but the orchard itself was fascinating. It's on a relatively small plot of land. The trees are planted on a trellised hillside and trained in espaliers. The result--an extremely efficient use of farmland, orderly rows, and easily pickable fruit. There are no out-of-reach branches in this orchard! The apples themselves were absolutely excellent eating. Even this late in the season, we were able to pick macintosh, macoun, cortland, ida red, and granny smith. I suspect the espalier approach may actually lengthen the season due to the precise orientation of the trees towards the light. Needless to say, our annual apple gorge is now well underway with an inaugural tarte tatin last night and apple butter and apple turnovers this morning! And the dog had a great time hanging out with the orchard's elderly beagle. We'll definitely be going back to Old Stone Orchard next year: 33 Coldbrook Road, Little Compton, RI