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Sep 15, 2013 09:45 AM

Seeking flavored seltzer

I've been in New York for the last couple of months, am probably going back to Los Angeles in a few weeks. Sigh. There are things in NY I'm really going to miss. Like having my laundry picked up and then delivered back to me after. It has been washed and folded. I'm going to miss the great public tansportation, the great pizza, all the little grocery stores that deliver,some of the best watermelon Ive ever had.and, I will defintely miss the setzer. Oh, wonderful, fizzy, bubbly, refreshing seltzer!

I've fallen hard for the stuff, have been buying bottles, but also started buying the 12 pack of Schweppes flavored selzer. Comes in varieties like lemo-lime and black cherry. This s NOT soda- it as no sweetener.irs jyst seltzer. And its so good. I've broken my diet coke habit (yay, me!) becausevI drink cold, often flavored, seltzer all day instead. I know we have Arrowhead soarkling which I buy, but can I get my beloved Schweppes ack in LA? Or will I have to give up my new best friend?

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  1. I'm sure you can find Schweppes in Bevmo, they seem to carry a lot of hard to find non-alcoholic drinks (like my beloved Manhattan Specials!) But Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead, and store brands (like Whole Foods and Trader Joes) all have their own brand of flavored sparkling water. Most have lemon, lime and orange, but I bought lemon-raspberry from Whole Foods just yesterday. And PS, you can do fluff and fold in LA too. Not sure if they deliver (although I'm sure some do), but I've gotten fluff and fold many times when I haven't felt like doing laundry. We have some pretty darn good pizza (see numerous Chowhound threads on that topic), and lots of grocery stores deliver (, just to name one). And watermelon?? Pffft. This is California. We have great fruit in abundance all year round. Just hit up one of the farmers markets happening somewhere in town every day. NY has us beat on public transportation though. Welcome back!!! (And for the record, fizzy flavored water helped me give up soda too.)

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      I'm a fan of Trader Joe's mixed berry. We also like the La Croix grapefruit.

    2. Have you ever had La Croix? That's available everywhere and is delicious!

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        La Croix coconut is good.

        IMO Polar has the best flavored seltzers. I haven't see any of them around since I moved out here a few months ago.

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          The coconut freaks me out a little. It tastes so much like thick, creamy coconut milk that my mind rejects it because the texture isn't what the taste suggests!

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            Thanks for the replies! Yes, iI know we avewatermelon in LA :). I'm just mourning the fact that my sojourn in NY is coming to an end and I'm going to miss it here which is something I never thought I would say! I'm a birn and bred CA gurl. But became addicted to my seltzer in NY so glad to know its available in LA.

      2. I'm a NYer and had the same seltzer problem. Go to Von's or Pavillions and buy their store brand refreshe. Its the cheapest by far and the best tasting. I am not a fan of flavored seltzer so I do not know if their flavored ones are good but refreshe comes in flavors. Sometimes they put the seltzer with the alcohol rather than with the soda. My seltzer of choice in NY is vintage or white rock.

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          Safeway also carries the Refreshe brand. I prefer the lemon.

        2. i was partial to the schweppes raspberry seltzer myself, but i don't think i've seen it out here in over 15 years.

          1. Walgreens carries the 12pack