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Sep 15, 2013 09:42 AM

Advice on shopping and cafes near Faidherbe - Chaligny?

We will be staying in an apartment not far from Faidherbe-Chaligny station and wanted ideas on best food shops/cafes nearby. We don't eat meat (eat fish), so places that have good fish/veg options welcome, in addition to best fromageries, bakeries/patisseries. Of course we will be sampling foods around the city as well, but was hoping for a leg up in our neighborhood.

Any veg/fish suggestions around the city are also welcome/encouraged.....Hoping the Hounds can help!!

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  1. Welcome to my 'hood.

    A few blocks Bastille direction is Place Aligre, with shopping early in the morning until @ 1-2 PM, closed Monday. The outside market is mostly fruit and vegetables, the inside market has butchers, fishmongers, grocers, and cheesemongers. there is also a flea market that can supply you with very inexpensive wine glasses, wine openers, etc.

    On Rue Faubourg St Antoine again towards Bastille is a branch of Atelier du Pain, an excellent bakery who always supplies my dinner party desserts with the exemplary kouigh amann.

    On Rue Paul Bert, a block away is Cru and Decouvertes, a wine store with ties to the 'orange' wine world. Owner is a lovely man and you can taste enough that you may not find your way home.

    At the top of that street is the bakery of Cyril Lignac, who was a television chef winner.

    Unless a real emergency, l get my cheese from Dubois or Ferme St Hubert, a short metro ride away.

    Rino is a small restaurant off Rue Charonne and a few blocks from you, lovely man, lovely food. l am sure he can work around your meat stance. Au Ciel is also on rue Charonne neat the intersection of Charonne and J Valles. l am a fan of this Chinese restaurant, closed Wednesdays. Other restaurants can be recommended by different hounds as l am not a user of the ones close to me.

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      Great recommendations. Thanks! We will actually be ON rue Paul Bert, so this is especially helpful

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        Paul Bert is what makes Nancy's Feng Shui street theory come tru.

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        When it's good, the fondue chinoise at Au Ciel is very good. But it's just as often an off night as an on night, in my experience.

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          Thanks for the rec.....we get outstanding Chinese food in the Boston area, where we live, so are really just interested in more local cuisine.

        2. re: Delucacheesemonger

          Today had things from C Lignac l loved, his pain au raisin, chocolatine, and exemplary kouigh amann.