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Sep 15, 2013 09:32 AM

Help me decide: Ankarsrum or Bosch Universal?

I have decided to purchase a countertop mixer, and after much research have narrowed it down to these two possibilities:

I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons of each machine from people who own them. I am leaning toward the Ankarsrum, but I could be convinced to get the Bosch instead. I like that the Ankarsrum has a metal bowl (I can't imagine the Bosch's plastic bowl lasting a lifetime), that an extra plastic bowl is included, and its scraper mechanism looks great. My main reason for considering the Bosch is a little silly: it has an optional food processor attachment. This is the other piece of kitchen equipment that after years of not owning I have finally decided deserves a space in my house. I know I can get a food processor practically free off of craigslist from one of the thousands of people who never use theirs, but the Bosch attachment would be much easier to store than a full machine. The Bosch is cheaper, but not by a very large amount after you buy a second bowl and maybe the cookie paddles. Something about the Ankarsrum makes me think it will last longer, but I'm probably just being swayed by its good looks.
Please help me decide and spend my money on something I will love.

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  1. I have the Ankarsrum ( mine is the Verona Assistent) that I bought a year ago. I absolutely love this mixer. I also got mine from Pleasant Hill Grain.

    I just donated my 20 year old KitchenAid to Goodwill when I moved recently. I also have the Cuisinart stand mixer which ironically broke after I donated the KA. The head won't stay in the locked position anymore and I've only had it 3 years.

    Anyway, I've never used the Bosch myself. I know people online have raved about it. I never gave it serious consideration because I knew I wanted the Assistent. I noticed that the food processor attachment is only 5 cups. So I'd take that into consideration. I've never owned a food processor that small. Remember that you can only fill it a fraction of the way if you are doing anything liquidy and if you are using the steel blade for chopping or blending. All the work of the steel blades happen in in lowest inches and if overfilled your product will not be consistent. Which is why a large diameter bowl is really nice.

    Anyway back to the Ankarsum. Some people will try and tell you that it's just for yeast doughs and large batches. This isn't true. Since I bought mine, I've only used my other stand mixer for the meat grinder attachment. You can do cookies and cakes with the roller and scraper or with the plastic bowl and whisks. Once I buy the meat grinder attachment for it I'm getting rid of my other mixer. It also does small amounts fine but if I was just beating 2 egg whites for something I'd use the smaller bowl.

    My favorite thing is the completely open bowl, no massive overhead motor in the way. It's also very quiet. Just remember that for yeast doughs you need to start with the liquids and then add the flour.

    You can't go wrong with the Ankarsrum IMO

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    1. re: rasputina

      Thanks for your input! I did have that thought about the size of the food processor, but the thought came to me late and night and I had forgotten it when I posted this a few days later.
      You've said it's possible to make a batch of cookies in the or small bowl, but which do you prefer for a standard batch? It the small bowl small enough to make just a batch of brownies, or will I still want to use my hand beaters or just a wooden spoon for that? Also, I've never made a cake in a any kind of stand mixer -- is it easy to overbeat? I make more cakes and cookies than anything else, but I do plan to get more into bread making.

      1. re: maestra

        I've never bothered with a mixer for brownies they are so quick to just mix up by hand. As far as which bowl to use it depends if I want to use a traditional style beater or the roller and scraper. I usually do cakes and frostings in the white bowl and cookies depend on how stiff the dough is or how big of a recipe. I've never had a problem with over beating. The bowl is completely open so it's very easy to monitor progress and there is a timer that will turn the mixer off if you choose to use it.

        Just remember High speed is only for use with the accessories on our newer models, it's not for normal mixing. Maybe I already posted that?

    2. I have the Bosch, but I just looked up the Ankarsrum model & that is 1 awesome looking mixer! I do love my Bosch & use it often for large bread dough recipes but I still fall back on my trusty KA for any other doughs (ie. cakes, cookies). You will enjoy either one- the Ankar. is quite pricey, also.

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      1. re: bevwinchester

        How long have you had your Bosch? I'm trying to compile info about the lifespans of both products. Obviously both outlast a new KA, but nobody on Amazon refers to having had their Bosch or Ankarsrum for many years.

        1. re: maestra

          I have only had my Bosch for about a year, so I won't be much help with how it "ages". I do know that there are many old Bosches out there that were mentioned when I did my research. I have decided to start testing it out with more varied tasks, besides bread doughs, so we will see how it goes.

          1. re: maestra

            I know this is an old conversation, but we've had our bosch since 2005 and it gets weekly use. We've mixed heavy cookie dough and large batches of bun and bread dough. It never struggles. People say it is hard to clean. I'm not sure what they consider easy, but soap, water, and a little scrubbing seems pretty easy to me. Easier than cleaning a roasting Pan after a turkey roast. I agree that the ankarsum is a beauty, and if it lasts as long as the Bosch would also be a great buy.

          2. re: bevwinchester

            I would say Ankarsum all the way. A friend just got one on sale in Canada. I think if you google ankarsrum .ca you will get a list if store that have them. It is great and quality is unlike anything else I've seen. Worth the bucks.The are known to last for 20 plus years

          3. Did you choose your new mixer yet? Just curious.....

            1. i used my bosch mixer from pleasant hill for 5 years of medium duty work (weekly bread, occasionally doughs and batters). it is a workhorse. still goes strong. however, it is boxed up in my was just taking up too much counter space. i tried to sell it but no one seems to want it! who knew it would have little resale value since it is not so well known! i have the blender as well - we used that quite happily for a couple of years too. same thing - really good, high quality job on smoothies. One thing, this model is NOT recommended for smaller batches of bread - it is not meant to handle small amounts, and they tell you that if you are doing a single batch of bread you might be disappointed in the result if you are not using much flour. That being said, i think it is a wonderful appliance. I often toyed with the idea of adding the food processor but i just didn't use it that often to warrant the cost. BTW, you won't find anyone with this mixer much older than mine - they were closing out the other model right when i was purchasing mine. i had to decide between the old and new design. it IS clumsy to move often - the motor is in the tower - so i've often wondered if i would have used the old (more compact) design more, even though it was not as powerful.

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              1. re: rmarisco

                How much do you want for it? I'm in the market...

                1. re: DebinIndiana

                  still interested? i've got it in a box in the garage.. how do you private email on this site??? i'll check into shipping if you're interested

                2. re: rmarisco

                  If still available email krisaustinse at hot mail

                3. I purchased an Ankrasrum and it was a HUGE learning curve and well beyond my experience of baking/cooking etc. I LOVE it! It's gorgeous and it has exceed my expectations. I haven't used the Bosch though it looks like it has great accessories. The one thing I wish the Ankrasrum had was a food processor attachment THOUGH I have a smaller one that was given to me that I haven't used! The Kookie attachment is the coolest ... made candy cane shaped kookies out of shortbread! Purchased in Calgary at Hendrix's Kitchen Supplies a year ago THOUGH as the Kitchen reno was delayed only got into cooking/baking full force this holiday season! There are unfortunately no kiddies in our 2 person 1 dawg family!

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                  1. re: jeresh

                    There is a slicer shredder attachment for the Ankarsrum. It's not the bowl type but like the old slicer shredder attachment for the Kitchen Aid. You can see it on Pleasant Hill Grain's website.

                    1. re: jeresh

                      I thought it was really straight forward to learn. I never had a mixer before, though. My big curve was dealing with humidity and bread dough!

                      Yes, there are grater, slicer, shredder attachments. Or, are you looking for more of a pastry dough use?

                      1. re: alex9179

                        I thought it was quite straight forward too. I did watch a few videos online, but really the only difference is starting with the liquids instead of the flour.

                      2. re: jeresh

                        I recently purchased an Ankarasrum, and I'm still still learning! I've read the entire manual (not much there), watched the dvd (laughable), and watched several YouTube videos (helpful).
                        I'd like to use the full capacity of the bowl and make a 6 loaf batch, but the roller/scraper maxes out at 4 loaves with the dough climbing up.
                        It doesn't seem to mix well with the dough hook, though. I'm not sure where to position the hook. In the middle? Near one side? I know to not let it touch the bowl! I'm making a standard mostly whole wheat bread, not a high hydration recipe. I'd really appreciate your advice!