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Sep 15, 2013 08:33 AM

Craisins/ Dried cranberries

I "always" buy the Fairway brand, I especially like to stud the challah with them for the Chagim. They are also essential to make the craisin-and-nut trail mix that is my dietary staple when traveling to places/countries where kosher provisions are scarce.

But - the Fairway brand suddenly doesn't have a hecksher on the package.

So I picked up the Ocean Spray Craisins. They are plumb and overly sweet. Much too sweet. Yuck.

The Fairway brand is tart and chewy. Where can I buy supervised dried cranberries that are like the ones Fairway used to sell me?

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  1. Never had Fairway, but I buy them from Trader Joe's.

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    1. re: Miri1

      I like the orange flavored/scented ones from Trader Joe's.

    2. I like the TJ ones as well. Ocean Spray also has reduced sugar Craisins. They replace some of the sugar with sucralose. (It has the same hashgacha as the original ones)

      1. Klein's packages some . I have used them for Pesach but really do not recall what they were like.

        1. I like TJ's, and if you are in the Fresh Direct area some of their own brand are kosher and quite good.