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Sep 15, 2013 06:26 AM

easy to transport and festive

I will be using someone's sukah several blocks away. Obviously I will go as simple as possible (no tureens carried through the street) but would still like meals to be delicious, festive, tasty and pretty. We will be using plastic implements so nothing tough to cut. And nothing soupy.


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  1. Multicolored stuffed peppers. If you cut the peppers lengthwise, they will sit nicely. A bit less sauce, but some sauce will be necessary. Stuffed acorn squash (a pareve play on Bobbie Flay's brown butter acorn squash recipe--I did that last year), stuffed chicken breasts (rolled around whichever stuffing you like)--would be dry and easy to transport. Lastly, rolled spinach knish using puff pastry. It bakes in a log and then you can slice it when you get there. Looks pretty on the plate.

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      Recipe please for the spinach in the knish / roll?

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        I will have to look for it. I've been staying away from puff pastry lately. I know I used two boxes of frozen spinach thawed and drained, some instant potato flakes (not sure how much) and onion soup mix. I add a bit of olive oil to the mix, mash it up. I brush some olive oil on two thawed pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets, spread the spinach mixture on the sheets, roll up jelly roll style and put two rolls on a greased pan. Brush the tops with egg and pierce the dough on top in a couple of places. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. Check it every once in a while to make sure it isn't too brown.

    2. Spanikopita is easy to transport and looks nice with its crunchy, flaky top. Or apple cranberry kugel (like in Kosher by Design). Or maybe do a cream soupor gazacho, but put it in a nice bottle, like the clear plastic orange juice bottles. Tie a ribbon around the bottle's neck to make it pretty. Salads are nice, too. Make a big colorful one in a clear plastic bowl. Make mini quiches or kugels in muffin tins. I've made a whole side of baked salmon with herbed bread crumbs that transported well and looked pretty. Duchess potatoes are a bit of work but pretty and will robably travel well. A lot of baked pasta dishes travel well and do not need to be served piping hot- baked ziti, lasagna etc. Quinoa salad, rice salad or pilaf. Pasta salad.
      Dessert is easy. Cookies, bars, bundt cake. Slced fruit and berries. Avoid dessert with gobs of frosting as they can get very messy in transprt.

      1. I'm a fan of eggplant rollatini and baked pastas. Multi-colored peppers and eggplant can add lots of fun color.

        For people who do want to do soup, I highly recommend getting one of those large containers with handles and a spout from Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, etc. Soups stay insulated really well and chunky bits don't get stuck in the container. I always offer to pay and sometimes they charge a few bucks and sometimes the cashier just shrugs and gives it to me.

        1. Rather than suggest a menu, may I suggest some equipment instead? Your life will be much easier if you get a granny cart to transport your food and tableware. Real cutlery will be doable that way, too.

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            Down six flights of stairs, up three flights to the shul and back down two flights into the back yard? Probably not. Manhattan....

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              Bento boxes or tiffins. One for each guest. Pass them out as they walk up the stairs. LOL. Oy, you have a schlep! Good luck.

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                Cute idea!!! Been thinking about bento boxes for seder too -- saw that somewhere. Chag sameach!

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                Ah, I'm in Manhattan too, but on a lower floor. Good luck with it!

            2. Thanks to all for the great menu ideas!!!