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Sep 15, 2013 04:04 AM

Pho Madison Open

I'm told Madison (CT) now sports a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Madison, at 1306 Boston Post Road. Open 11-8 M-S, noon-8 Sunday, featuring a wide variety of foods with some vegetarian offerings. I'm heading there next time I'm in town, but will have a hard time deciding between the #6 noodle soup and the #13 Vietnamese pork sandwich!

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  1. Going for lunch Monday, I'll post the good and the bad.

    1. Three of us had lunch today, the only thing I can say is Outstanding! We all can't wait to return and I may tomorrow.
      We had 2 Pho's, Bun Thit Nuong with pork, fresh rolls, spring rolls and drinks. The owner Dawn and her sisters were sweet and accommodating, telling us some of their story and how Pho Madison came to be. This place is so reminiscent of the early days of Bentara on Foxon Blvd., I can't wait to bring Jeff here for lunch.
      Please Chowhounds, come here, enjoy the food, be patient and give this wonderful Mom and Pop place a chance to thrive. You will not be disappointed.

      1. Had lunch again on Tuesday, still delicious!

        1. Finally made it to Madison. Their signage blends into the background so look for Nuzzo's Pizza just north of Hamonassett State Park. Utilitarian decor with pictures of mythological creatures and seating for about two dozen.

          It wasn't lunch or dinner time, so I got the Pho Ga and a Vietnamese pork sandwich to take out. Very generous with the tasty soup, it lasted for two meals. The sandwich was just okay 'til I added some of the soup sprouts to make the inside as crunchy as the roll. (Yankee palates should be cautious with the red hot sauce!) I'll definitely try to talk DW into coming here for a sit-down meal.

          1. Was there last night. The green mango salad was loved by all... very fresh and light. The Pho broth was very flavorful too. The only miss were the room temp. spring rolls. The service is very friendly. Very good value for the money.

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              Had the same issue with my order of cha gio: lukewarm at best. Also served without the common lettuce leaves accompaniment, and with a side of thick sweet chili dipping sauce rather than nuoc mam.

              The pho broth was quite flavorful, but on the sweeter side than most I've had. And the sliced beef was not rare, but cooked through. Still, an enjoyable bowl.