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Sep 14, 2013 09:51 PM

Colette's Japanese Cuisine: Have It? Cook from it?

I have a strong premonition that my question is going to go unanswered here. This book dates back to 1985 and I pulled it out tonight and became more determined than ever to cook a number of her intriguing
'fusion before there was fusion' Japanese based recipes.

I am so intrigued by so many of her ideas. How about roasting a pork loin w/ thyme and soy sauce and garlic, surrounded by lotus root and kumquats, and ultimately serving it with a sauce of blanched chopped okra, grated mountain yam, garlic, soy and lemon?! And scallops on a bed of cooked marinated wakame ( seaweed)? So many cool ideas, straightforward/pretty simple, and very healthy.

Anyone know if Colette Rossant is still alive? A real firecracker!

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  1. Have it. Never cooked from it. Going to look for it.


      well, she's much more of a hot ticket than I ever knew! Still alive indeed.