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Sep 14, 2013 06:51 PM

Bistro Provence -- any recent reviews?

I was really looking forward to lunch at Bistro Provence over Labor Day weekend. I'm sorry to report that we never got to actually dine there. We showed up at the appointed time, only to find the front door locked and the place looking closed. Since we had a reservation I figured I would call. A woman answered and said they had had some sort of emergency repair or something (I think in the kitchen) and the restaurant would be closed for a couple of days, at least until Tuesday. I was so disappointed and was surprised not to receive a phone call about the closure, though she eventually apologized for not calling to let us know. Anyway, SO basically refuses to try again. I'm not exactly sure where I stand, and figured I would see what recent visitors may report.

How's the food, is it worth going?

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  1. I went to a luncheon there three weeks ago and it was excellent. Had the roast chicken with mushroom jus and a polenta cake -- not normally something i'd order but it was really just flawless. Setting is intimate and charming, too, I'd definitely give it a recommend.

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      Thank you, littewing. I am still thinking about Bistro Provence. Will have to see if SO comes around! If I go I will be sure to report back.

    2. I had dinner there two weeks ago tonight. I thought to food was outstanding. Yannick Cam is in the back cooking, and every course was memorable. I'd love to go there for an off-the-menu tasting that would recall Le Paradou. (I understand they will do this but not on the weekend.) In terms of atmosphere, they could use a little music or something, particularly on an uncrowded Sunday.

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        Thank you for that review! Okay, SO and I will definitely have to pay a visit, perhaps next month. I will report back afterwards.

      2. We finally made it to Bistro Provence for a Saturday lunch and had a very enjoyable dining experience. I started with the baby squid. The sauce with mushrooms were nice, but I was actually a little surprised at how tough the squid was, so tough it was kind of challenging to eat. On the other hand, SO's lobster bisque was outstanding and so delicious (what do you expect with all that butter and cream, I guess). I moved on to the Dover sole, a special that day, which was tasty and delicately prepared. SO's bouillabaisse was fuller-flavored and also nice. I think we shared chocolate cake for dessert, though I can't really recall now.

        We were seated in the corner of the front room, adjacent to the windows facing outside. We had a nice view of the flowered garden area. I agree that the atmosphere could be enhanced a bit, but I guess I was also just content to have reasonable quiet and an uncrowded room.

        Thanks for the recommendations urging us to go!