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Sep 14, 2013 06:31 PM

Santa Cruz restaurants?

Hope this is the right board. Nothing much on Chowhound about Santa Cruz. We'll be there for 2 days and eat anything--Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Aquarius @ The Dream Inn is good. We also enjoyed Hoffman's Bistro downtown. A short drive to Capitola is The Shadowbrook Inn which has excellent food and ambiance. :)

    1. Hi stillnotdon - did you look at this thread?

      Oswald is mentioned. Take a look at their website/menu:

      1. Things in Santa Cruz don't change all that quickly other than a plethora of new pizza places that have opened over the last year or so. Here's my up-to-date list of preferred places:

        La Posta: Italian. Most consistently excellent restaurant in the area. Rarely a misstep. The wine list is all Italian in case that matters.

        Soif: Some people claim it's expensive but for the quality, I think it's better value than Oswald. You can go entirely with small plates or there are entree sized plates as well. Amazing by-the-glass wine list, and all bottles from the shop are also available.

        Bantam: wood-fired oven pizza on the Westside, along salads, pastas, etc. Crust has good chew and slight crispiness.

        Oswald: I really like their burger, which is on the bar menu but you can order it in the restaurant proper as well. Excellent cocktails.

        Other restaurants worth considering: Gabriella Cafe; Aptos St. BBQ; Sid's Smokehouse; Pizzeria Avanti; Ristorante Avanti; Laili Restaurant.

        I don't think there are any destination-worthy Mexican places in town (on the level of the much-lamented Tepa Sahuayo) assuming one is coming from elsewhere in California. If one comes from a Mexican-deprived location, then Taqueria La Cabana or Taqueria Los Pericos are my preferred spots.

        Other highly-recommended edibles: Verve (world class coffee); The Buttery (outstanding bakery); The Penny Creamery (ice cream); Sante Adairius Rustic Ales (world class beer - limited hours, so check carefully); burger (two locations, Westside and Aptos; the food is average but the Belgian and American craft beer selection is outstanding); 99 Bottles (excellent beer selection downtown, mostly American craft beer).

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          Thanks bouncepass; appreciate the update. Always good to hear about places old and new that offer good eats in and around Santa Cruz...

        2. Thank you to everyone who replied! We visited Santa Cruz on a Sunday and Monday. On Sunday we ate at Ristorante Avanti which was wonderful and able to accommodate my husband's dietary issues while providing ME with an absolutely delicious-no restrictions whatsoever-meal. Monday it turned out Osvalds was closed, but because of those issues, we ate at Surfrider where I had a very good burger and a delicious brownie with a scoop of Marianne's ice cream which almost made up for Penny Creamery being closed on Monday, (Later found out there is a kiosk on Pacific we could have gone to....oh well.) We got a great cup of coffee at Verve and a cupcake from Buttercream. And, BTW, we stayed at Adobe on Green Street which is a wonderful B&B. Thanks again!!!!

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            stillnotdon, thanks for reporting back - that's what makes Chowhound work...