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Sep 14, 2013 05:53 PM

Korean noodles in Philly

I was working in South Korea a month ago and love two noodle dishes which they called 'Chinese.' The first is a noodle with black bean sauce called jajangmyun, the second a spicy seafood soup called jjampong. Any recommendations in Philly or western suburbs?

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  1. Is this called "Pho"? (pronounced "Fah")

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      Pho is Vietnamese and is a beef broth based soup with rice noodles and some type of beef in it (flank, brisket, etc,).

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        No, the two types of korean noodles do not both share a name with a Vietnamese soup. Thanks for the pronunciation though.

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          It's actually pronounced more like "fuh" with the vowel sound drawn out.

        2. Assi is a korean supermarket in Lansdale. Would be surprised if they didn't have them there or in the adjacent food court.

          1. Closer than Lansdale is the cluster of Korean markets and restaurants around Cheltenham Avenue and 5th St., on both the Philly and Elikins Park sides. I bet you can find both around there.

            I know that they have the seafood noodle soup at a little place at the corner of Cheltenham Ave. and Oak Lane Road (EP side). The sign is mostly in Korean, but it says "noodle house" in English. I'm not sure if they have the one with black bean sauce, but they do have a "brown gravy" style noodle that is delicious. (Caveat: it's been a couple years since I actually ate there, but I know it is still there).

            The food court at the H-Mart at Old York Road & Cheltenham might also have both dishes, and there are a number of other Korean restaurants in the area you might check out.

            1. Sammy Chon's in Chinatown has both items on their menu. Haven't had either of them there, so can't comment on how good they are. The jajangmyun is listed on their menu as "noodles with black bean sauce", but it's the dish you're referring to based on the name written in Chinese.


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                This place looks awesome- thanks.

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                  I don't know. I have been to Sammy Chon's in Chinatown (once), and I wasn't impressed. For what it worth, I like Mirim in Langhorne. I know, I know. It is not in Philly and certainly not west of it.

                  Anyway, that's why I didn't comment until now.


                  It has Jjim Pong and Jagung Mun.

                  Jjim Pong noodle soup w/seafood & vegetables
                  Jagung Mun noodles w/black bean sauce


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                    Love love love Mirim too, but didn't suggest it either due to its location. Maybe it is worth the trip for the OP?

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                      <Maybe it is worth the trip for the OP?>

                      :) I think so too. It has a small Korean menu, but the restaurant does a great job of executing almost all of the Korean items.

                2. As Hungryin theBurbs mentioned, there are many places in the Cheltenham/Olney areas with Korean food and specifically, these two rather commonly found dishes. Since jajangmyun is northern Chinese-Korean, I would suggest looking at those places that specialize in that cuisine, specifically Tae Hwa Kwan and Yong Hwa Roo.

                  The Assi food court is nothing special, but is rather convenient and slightly less intimidating. I went to the new Korean-Chinese place, Sang-hi, last week. It's next to Koko in the Assi Plaza and I think it's owned by the same owners of Koko and Koko Bar. They had at least eight different kinds of jajangmyun and my Korean dining companion said it was worth reordering. I don't remember if they had jjampong or not, but will check.