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Sep 14, 2013 05:16 PM

Local British Jams - London

Hi! I am visiting London and want to pick up a few local Jams for the family. I missed the jam booth at the Borough Market (it will be closed on Sunday). Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. Fortnum & Mason has a nice selection of jams if you can't get to an outdoor market. The thing with jam is to look for a high fruit content and that usually insures a much better taste. All jars here should be labelled. I can't remember ever looking at jam in the Selfridge food hall, but I'm sure they must have something really good there. I think a good bet would also be the Ottolenghi shops.

    1. I concur with Zuriga, especially with regards to Fortnum and Mason, they have a excellent selection of jams.
      It's also worth looking in Waitrose. I really like Tiptree(Wilkin and Sons) jams and all branches carry them.

      1. Thank you both... I was irked with myself when I didnt pick them up at the market on Saturday. All selections look fantastic!

        1. I really recommend London Borough of Jam - the are made by an ex-St John's chef and there is usually a really interesting set of flavours. fennel and plum was a real favourite of mine last year.

          Lillie has a shop in Shoreditch but also supplies a few other places - see here:

          "Leila's Shop Shoreditch, AGold Spitalfields, E5 Bakehouse London Fields, De Beauvoir Deli, Maison D’Etre Highbury, General Store Peckham, 46b Espresso Hut, The Fields Beneath, Russell's of Clapton, Spuntino (Dutch Baby) and The Deli Downstairs Victoria Park."

          A Gold near Spitalfields Market is fairly central:

          1. I don't know where you're coming from but if you're flying in / out of London please keep in mind that jams (and any other dense matters like chutneys) should not be in your carry-on. It'll register as "dense organic matter" and as such will not be allowed through security screening.

            Trust me, I learned this the hard way once! Several pots of jams and chutneys had to be tossed away.