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Sep 14, 2013 04:32 PM

RAKU Omakase Yay or Nay ? (required due to 6 person party)

I called to make dinner reservations, and due to a party of six, they required me to pick $60 - $75 - or $100 omakase.

I chose the $75 since its a very late dinner (after show)

I've had ala carte before, but not the omakase.

Should I just pick another restaurant?


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  1. We did the Omakase for the same reasons. It was very good, but I've enjoyed Raku better when we can order off the menu and the special board. I would consider Chada Thai or another option for a very late dinner (another option could be Yonaka...terrific food and I believe also open late).

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      These recs look good. Especially yonaka.. i might have to cancel my raku resv.. thanks..

    2. I had 2 meals there recently, and while I did not have the omakase, fellow diners at the bar next to me did. When I asked about the omakase menu option before, I was told it's simply the chef's choice of food items from the daily specials board and the regular menu. While this is true for the most part, they will also customize the tasting to your preferences, so you can request certain items. For instance, there were 3 sashimi specials that night, and the omakase included a sample of all 3 on 1 plate, something that can't be ordered normally. I've also seen items not on the regular menu that were served as part of the omakase, food that I would've ordered/enjoyed. Bottom line, you'll have a good meal there, whether a la carte or omakase.