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Sep 14, 2013 04:24 PM

Do Tellicherry peppercorns taste different after they are cooked?

I bought some a while back and forgot about them. I have the whole pods that you crack open to get to the pepper. Well, I just ate one straight up and YUCK. It is so floral. I would never use it raw. Could it be that they are too old? Or is that the normal flavor? I hope someone can tell me they change after cooking because that was a waste of money if not.

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    1. As an aside get the ones ripened on the vine, they are twice as large and wonderful, both black and white, company is Wynant.

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      1. Well, the package says Peppercorns, India Tellicherry. They are from Penzeys Spices. They look like narrow pistachios and the tiny black pepper balls are inside. The 'pod' or husk is very thin and easy to open with a good whack. They are not as big as regular grocery store whole pepper. The package says they are the top grade of Indian black pepper. Did I get a different type than is the standard?

        It also says use whole in soups or grind for everything else. I don't know if use whole means include the pod or not.

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          Sounds like you have what they sell as Special Extra Bold peppercorns, which are a subset of Tellicherry pepper. They do mean for you to use (and grind) the whole thing. You might want to try that, and taste the results, because they might taste different than the inner portion alone.

          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

            That grows in a Pod?
            Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Does not have a Pod.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              I have bought their special extra bold Tellicherry pepper and they are just like the regular Tellicherry peppercorns except a little larger. No pods, etc. just big peppercorns, maybe 25% larger than normal.

            2. re: thymetobake

              Not Peppercorns.
              Look up Piper Nigrum and see for yourself.
              Telicherry, Malabar, Black Pepper do not grow in Pod.

              1. re: chefj

                Perhaps my use of pod was misleading. I don't mean pod as in pea pod. I just meant it as a shell encasing smaller seeds.

                Whatever, I think Caitlin may have hit the nose on the head.

                If anyone has used this seasoning before I would greatly appreciate your input.


              2. re: thymetobake

                Take a pic and post it here so we can figure out what it really is.

              3. Looks like they make a labeling mistake and sent you green cardamon instead. Pepper is not in pod, casing, etc.

                1. Ok, trying to post a photo. First time.

                  Hope that worked.

                  In response to JMF it does not taste at all like green cardomom. I have some whole brown cardomom seeds and they are much larger than the ones in question. But, you're right in that it does somehow remind me of cardomom but with a pungent black pepper bite.

                  The last photo is of the seeds/peppercorns that are inside the pod.

                  Sorry for the quality of the pics. If necessary I can take a few more.

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