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Sep 14, 2013 04:20 PM

Spice Kitchen opens a second location in Lansdale

Just got my coupon clipper junk mail and noticed an ad for a new Spice Kitchen on Allentown Road. The original is in trooper. Anyone been to the trooper location lately? Nice coupon offer in the mailer. I could use some Indian food soon.

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  1. Tried the new place. Really enjoyed the food but the staff is badly in need of training. I've never seen my friend made to feel so uncomfortable.
    Someone came in while we were there and asked about a buffet. The waitress told him that this location was too small for a buffet.
    I want to go back sometime but I'll either get it to go, go on a busier night or go in a large group.

    1. We have not been to the new location. We did have a very bad experience with the Trooper location regarding the general condition of the restaurant when we arrived. We did not stay and had not gone again. This, perhaps unfairly, gives us pause in visiting or eating at any of their restaurants. Other posters here have loved their food at Trooper and seemly had no problems.

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        I think I remember that post Bacchus. I was thinking of posting about our experience under general topics. It was going to be a kind of open letter to owners and managers to please please poke your head into the dining room once in awhile especially on slow nights. It is such a shame, someone was cooking their heart out in a new redecorated location but the young staff was bored because there were only three tables about eight pm on a thursday night.
        Unfortunately we got a table near the hostess stand. John always insists on the gunslinger's seat facing the door and this time it bit him. The poor boy had not eaten all day so we got the appetizer sampler. John loves Indian food. I was digging in happily but John was picking at his food. I was in a great mood, it was kind of a belated celebration. When I asked what was wrong he wouldn't answer. Later i found out that the young women were staring at him intently, watching his every bite and shameless eavesdropping.
        We basically got attentive service without the service. Arrgh. For example I cleverly dropped my napkin and had to ask twice for a new one, but the other waitress (not ours) startled us by kind of popping out at us from the side with the partition next to our table to ask how everything was.
        John loves lamb so we got the all lamb dinner. Lamb korma and lamb biryani. They were very good and the biryani came with the raita. John got us garlic naan and it was so good we had to order a second plate of it.
        I hope they do well. The location is worrying to me. John heard the waitstaff discussing how disappointing business was but they had only been open a week. To top it all off John said he got bad vibes about the tip he left even though it was over fifteen percent.
        People!!!! Get out of the kitchen and check on things. Amazing food is not enough!

        1. re: givemecarbs

          Yes indeed, good food is not good enough! Perhaps as you noted the key to happiness at Spice Kitchen is takeout!

          1. re: Bacchus101

            It is awfully convenient for me. And Jesse's is closed today. I was driving past jesse's on thursday and the car swerved of it's own accord I'm telling you!
            Those smoked fried wings have gotten a hold on me. Plus they had very good pumpkin bread pudding.