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Sep 14, 2013 04:15 PM

Should I make any changes to this Napa itinerary (wine/food)

Headed to Napa for the first time. Have read a bunch of past posts and was hoping to get some up to date critique of the itinerary. We don't have any specific wine preferences, my wife prefers rieslings, malbecs, and shiraz but we like a good variety as well.

Foodwise, my wife is vegetarian (not vegan)

Lunch at Cook
Smith-Madrone vineyard
Dinner at Ad Hoc

Breakfast at Bouchon
Hendry Vineyard
Duckhorn Vineyard
Lunch at Gott's Roadside
-Probably have time for another vineyard here
Russian River Brewing Company happy hour
Dinner at Redd

Pick up lunch at Oxbow
Jordan Vineyard
Pasalacqua Vineyard
Eat lunch from Oxbow
MacPhail Vineyard
Anniversary Dinner at Bistro Jeanty

Pick up lunch for me at Addendum

We were also thinking about Grace's table, Terra instead of ad hoc or bistro jeanty. Or adding Schramsberg, Terra Valentine.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. For your Tuesday lunch, you need to do something for your wife as Gott's specializes in the almighty great hamburger and unless she can make a meal on French Fries, she's going to feel pretty left out.

    Consider Farmstead or Goose & Gander. Both have exceptional and filling salads (I like Goose & Gander's Asparagus salad with a side of mushroom soup).

    Ad Hoc can be iffy for vegetarians as well, depending on their menu. I'd make reservations for Terra as a back-up and find out what is being served and what they can substitute for her. Jeanty will be fine if she likes their astonishing tomato soup, but it is also more meat-centric.

    I love Grace's Table but their purely vegetarian offerings leave a bit wanting. You might consider Zuzu (small plates) as an option.

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    1. re: CarrieWas218

      Gott's has veggie burgers, though I don't see the point of wasting a meal on their overpriced and boring food.

    2. If you want more than tastings, make sure you book your winery visits in advance.

      We had lunch at Flora Springs and it was fantastic. It wasn't cheap at $90 but it included wine paring/tasting plus winery tour and barrel tasting.

      We also booked a cellar tour at Raymond Vineyards which is quite a unique (e.g., their "Cirque du Soleil" themed tasting room) boutique winey and their wines were great as well.

      1. Nice tour. 2 comments:

        * soup and salads at Gotts are excellent. Tomato soup is daily with a second soup special introduced each day. Garden salad is fresh and delicious. My favorite entree, by far, is the rare ahi burger. Thick filet of ahi seared rare. Paired with sweet potato fries and a Boont Amber Ale -- amazing.

        * your Wednesday has a huge amount of driving. For me, that's too tough and a bit risky when you add wine tasting into the mix. I'd save the Sonoma tastings for another trip where you can stay in Healdsburg.

        Have fun.

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        1. re: cortez

          Good catch, Cortez!

          Yeah, trying to get over to the Russian River Brewing Company for happy hour only to drive all the way back to Redd is ambitious and kinda silly, considering your whole morning is in Napa and you want to get back to Redd. You are seriously looking at a two-hour drive each way with traffic...

        2. Thanks for all the input.

          New itinerary

          Lunch at Cook
          Scheduled tasting Smith-Madrone vineyard
          Dinner at Ad Hoc (Back up reservation made at Terra in case we don't like the ad hoc menu)

          Breakfast at Bouchon
          Scheduled tasting at Duckhorn Vineyard
          Lunch now at Goose & Gander instead of Gott
          Scheduled tasting at Failla
          Dinner at Redd

          Pick up lunch at Oxbow
          Tasting scheduled at Jordan Vineyard
          Tasting scheduled at Pasalacqua Vineyard
          Eat lunch from Oxbow
          Tasting scheduled at MacPhail Vineyard
          Anniversary Dinner at Zuzu but back up reservation at Bistro Jeanty in case we can't get a table.

          If we didn't go all the way up to Healdsburg, what vineyards would you recommend instead? Is there a lot of traffic?

          Pick up lunch for me at Addendum

          1. Depending on whether you're looking forward to BBQ or fried chicken, your Monday dinner at Ad Hoc/Thursday lunch at Addendum could be redundant. Don't know what the rest of your plans are for Thursday, but I'd recommend going to Fremont Diner instead of Addendum for lunch. Not only do I think they do a similar style of food better and cheaper, but it will give your wife plenty of options as well. And as an added bonus, then you'll only be 5 minutes from Scribe, a great winery worth checking out.

            And go Jumbos!