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Sep 14, 2013 04:11 PM

Excellent pastrami at Cafe Rouge Meat Market [Berkeley]

The meat market at Cafe Rouge is making some really good Pastrami. It was super smoky and dense, with a layer of fat in between dark red meat. Steamed up briefly on the stove top at home made the house smell like an old school deli. On some rye bread with mustard it was moist, meaty and fabulous. Not sure it is always available. I think it is a weekly thing. I was there on Wednesday.

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  1. Amazing ... I just bought some yesterday (FRIDAY) and was thinking whether to fork a new thread about this or tack on to my old comments about LOCAL BUTCHER CORNED BEEF.

    Yes, the ROUGE PASTRAMI is really good and a good deal -- in my opinion -- for $12. I did get some more LOCAL BUTCHER CB but I was annoyed when it went from ~$12.50 -> $18.

    Anyone know if this is this a new offering from ROUGE or just a coincidence?

    I actually went to both places looking for some PANCETTA. LB was indefinitely out of it but I got some GUANCIALE which isnt actually a great substitute for my purposes. ROUGE was out of it too but they had some FRA MANI and MOLINARI PANCETTA net door at the PASTA SHOP.

    PASTA SHOP MAISON and COUNTRY PATE only so-so ... got a small sample to finish a bagette.

    1. Special Advisory:
      CAFE ROUGE PASTRAMI is back!
      Probably will be out by next week tho.

      Still $12.

      Again, I dont think it is quite as good as the LOCAL BUTCHER CORNED BEEF, but it is certainly a better deal for me at 65% the cost. And it is more than "twice as good" as the random deli pastrami.

      Was not so happy with the ROUGE BEEF JERKY. I got one dud piece and the other two pieces were just decent. Again LOCAL is better but isnt their's like $40/lb? Although it was better than the CHINESE JERKY at NEW BEEF KING (Bayard @Mullberry).

      Wow, parking down at 4th street is awful, although I was there around lunch prime time.