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Sep 14, 2013 03:36 PM

32nd Wedding Anniversary Dinner in Dallas! Please Help Me!!

I need a restaurant with good food, a semi-private dining area, and reasonable prices to host an anniversary dinner with our grown kids and family. Ethnic food of any kind is welcome and I would like a pretty place to dine. We are watching our budget. Any suggestions fellow Chowhounds? I could sure use you right now!!


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  1. What part of town is preferred?

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    1. re: vstock

      Great question. We're scattered all over the place so location isn't an issue. I'd prefer to stay in Dallas but will consider further possibilities.
      Thank you for your response.

      1. re: LisaMH

        You might want to check out Si Lom (Thai Asian Fusion). It's centrally located on Oak Lawn with plenty of private parking in the downstairs garage. And, Si Lom has an entrance directly from the garage. They serve really excellent Thai food that's priced right in comfortable surroundings that include a private outside patio.
        I don't think they have a private room per se' but, there is an area off to the side where they would probably be very happy to set up a table for nine. The service is very warm and accommodating.

        1. re: twinwillow

          Thank you! Am checking it out now. Love Thai food and never been there!

    2. About how many people? Is it very soon? Sorry, but it might help.

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      1. re: mommystar

        You are right. That is important information. It's this Friday, 9/20 and reservations for 9. Thank you!

      2. I am getting stuck on the ethnic and pretty place. I am sure there are a couple so hopefully some of the regulars can chime in with their favorites.

        The place that pops to mind is Victor Tangos. Their tapas style allows you to accomodate your crowd without breaking the bank for 9 individual dinners. Their food is very good and while they don't have a private room I have seen them set up larger parties towards the back of the restaurant allow some private conversations.

        I am sure there are other good suggestions. I will keep thinking.

        Happy Anniversary!

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        1. re: vstock

          Oh thank you! I haven't been there and love the idea of tapas. As far as the ethnic idea, it's not a deal breaker. We love ethnic food of all kinds and my experience has been that they can be more affordable.
          I appreciate your input!

          1. re: vstock

            Ethnic + pretty, I'd think Tei An (that's pretty much the default suggestion for it)

            1. re: air

              Thanks! Plan to check it out now. I've heard many good things about Tei An but haven't been there yet.

              1. re: LisaMH

                Tei An can be inexpensive if you stick with a bowl of noodles, but it's more likely to be quite pricey.

                I'm not sure if Samar is open (they shut down for some renovation) but they had a couple of semi private rooms that would be perfect for you guys. It also has the tapas-style of small plates, and the food was pretty good.

                I think that many of the places that LewisvilleHounder suggested (Saigon Block, for instance) don't have that great an ambiance. Of his list, I'd consider Mughlai. I haven't been to Mi Dia or Zanders, but I'm guessing they're pretty nice too.

                I'd also add the following, which have reasonably nice atmosphere and reasonably good food:
                Queen of Sheba (vague recollection from years ago)
                Yao Fuzi (again... it's been a while)

                1. re: gavlist

                  I'd agree on the not so great ambiance but the places are rather large compared to their counterparts and it might afford for seating in a semi-private area.

                  When you go for cheap and great food you will have to give up something, ambiance and service are usually the first to go. That is if the place is committed to great food on an affordable level.

            2. The semi private dining area is what I am having trouble with. Also how ethnic?

              Some ethnic places that come to mind are:

              Mughalai (Indian) close to the Galleria. Not sure about the seating. Also it can get pricey there but the food is very good.
              Bawarchi Biryani Point Signature in Addison is practically dead during the dinner hours.
              Mi Dai From Scratch (Regional Mexican) out in Grapevine
              Lal-Quila (Pakistani) in Carrollton. I have yet to see more than 6 people in the place.
              Sichuan King (Regional Chinese) in Richardson. You can ask for the boths at the front and work out the details this week with the owners.
              Chef Hsu (Regional Chinese) on Harry Hines in Dallas. They have private rooms. Not sure how late they are open though.
              Muang Lao (Laotian) in N. Fort Worth. No separate dining but they always have large parties. Food is awesome though and cheap!
              Saigon Block (Vietnamese) in Richardson would be the best place. Get the catfish or Bo 7 Mon.
              Zanders House (Vietnamese) in Plano might have some separate seating. It has been a while since I have been.

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              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Love Mughalai, Zanders, and Saigon Block. Have yet to try out the others. Thank you. Think I'll noodle around and check them out. I sure appreciate your help!!

              2. We have done dinners at Queen of Sheba in Addison. They have an Italian menu that is good for people not interested in Ethiopian. Side room you could request.

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                1. re: sarahintexas

                  Thank you! You are 3rd person to recommend Queen of Sheba. I think it's time I checked into it! Appreciate your insight.

                  1. re: LisaMH

                    I think Queen of Sheba does not quite live up to the reputation. Fifteen years ago it was your only option for Ethiopian food so it was highly regarded, now there are better choices (I feel the exact same way about India Palace). I should caveat that I'm not considering ambiance here but just the food. I like Ibex, Lalibella and Gojo depending on the dish you want. Lalibella has my favorite quanta firfir, Ibex is probably my all around favorite and has the best gored gored lub lub. I had a good meal at Gojo but I didn't get to try the menu item that's causing me to recommend it. They have chechebse which is a standard Ethiopian breakfast. I haven't seen it on any other menus and I want to go back to gojo and try it there. Anyways, hope this helps. I had great memories of Queen of Sheba and was very disappointed when I went back a couple years ago.

                    1. re: demigodh

                      I totally agree with what you wrote about India Palace. Definitely past it's prime.

                      1. re: demigodh

                        You might try it again. I felt like they went through a bit of a slump but have better again the past year. However, maybe that's a mix of sentiment, how nice the staff is to our kids, and ambience trumping food. Although, food was really good the last time we went.

                        I miss those little huts they had before they moved.

                        Editing to add: we'll have to try those dishes at the others once I can have dairy again. Thanks for the suggestions!

                        1. re: sarahintexas

                          I have a friend who still loves India Palace and visits often. With reference to what you said about how nice the staff is, we never found the staff to be very friendly in all the years we went.

                          We're hooked on Mughlai for now and really love their food. And although Mughlai's ambiance is quite modern and contemporary, I will give India Palace's decor the nod for elegance.

                          1. re: twinwillow

                            We too have had fabulous meals at Mughlai's. My husbands business partner is from Mumbai and it's his favorite.

                        2. re: demigodh

                          Agree on Queen of Sheba.

                          What about Mesa? No private room (but they do have a patio in back). It's pretty, ethnic, and affordable in comparison to many places (not El Fenix).

                          I think Tei-An is reasonable for fine dining, but it's not ethnic restaurant cheap.

                          1. re: demigodh

                            Thank you very much! All very much helpful. I was heading toward Queen of Sheba!