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Sep 14, 2013 03:04 PM

? What do I do with my roasted Hatch chiles?

Never had access to them before so I don't know what to do with them. But I know everyone gets excited when they're in season so I picked some up.

Tell me what the best thing I can do with half a pound of mild Hatch chiles.

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  1. I like Sunset Magazine's Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas:

    It calls for a pound of chiles, so just halve the recipe.

    For the record, the reason I like them is that I can buy them pre-roasted, eliminating the tedious roasting and peeling (mostly) regimen.

    1. Rajas con crema -- strips of roasted/peeled green chiles + Mexican crema is a staple at this house when it is chile season. I keep these on hand like other people have catsup. Folded into a quesadilla, spooned over eggs or cooked with chicken & cheese, these are delicious.

      1. Green Chile cheeseburger. The best.

        Also, if you have the opportunity to roast and peel them [unless you bought them roasted - I seriously do not mind doing this], small-diced Hatch add a certain something to beef [or any other] stew, meatloaf, scrambled eggs - and we use them in any recipe calling for just about any type of chile. I have mixed them into pulled pork, with good results. We chop up leftover beef roasts with onion, garlic, and hatch, saute, and serve over mashed potatoes. So good.

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          Just want to clarify, Hatch is a place, not a chile variety, analogous to Vidalia and its onions. "Hatch chile" only refers to the Hatch valley in New Mexico when dozens of variety of chiles are grown. The stuff marketed in cans with a yellow label isn't even necessarily from within 200 miles of
          the Hatch valley, it's just a brand name.

        2. I also want to join this discussion. I purchased a tub of roasted Hatch chiles a while back. They had a sticker on them marked "Mild" but in reality they are super hot. So it's been a bit slower to use them up since a little goes a long way. I do love them and want to keep them.

          I still just have them in the plastic tub in the fridge but I'm afraid they will go bad before I use them. Can I add some water/vinegar/citric acid (or something) to them to keep them longer? Will they freeze well?

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          1. re: ChefKaren

            They freeze well with no additional liquids. They do attract mold in a fridge fairly quickly. Consider them for quesadillas and omelets, too.

            1. re: Veggo

              I agree. After roasting, I froze them whole. Peeling after thawing is no problem. Used them in a "stacked" enchilada dish the other night.