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Sep 14, 2013 02:53 PM

Best Rainbow Cookies?

Does anybody have an opinion on the best rainbow cookies in New York? I need to pick some up tomorrow morning and any advice or guidance would be appreciated!

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  1. There's a bakery on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx with very good rainbow cookies. But since you've posted on the Manhattan board I assume you're not interested in the outer boroughs.

    Personally, I think the ones sold at Fairway are very good (I imagine I will be attacked by some on the board for suggesting what is essentially a grocery store!). They are definitely great value, compared to what some bakeries charge.

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      Update: I was at Fairway a couple of weeks ago and noticed the rainbow cookies weren't in their usual spot behind the counter. Apparently the ones I used to buy and was referring to above are no longer available! I am really bummed about that (though happy for the sake of my waistline) and just wanted to update my post. Fairway still sells rainbow cookies, in one of those clear plastic containers, I think. But I have never tried them (and wasn't tempted to). They are definitely not the ones I was recommending earlier.

    2. La Bella Ferrara in Little Italy ( does a lot of tourist trade, especially this month with the Feast, but I've had good luck there for rainbow and pignoli cookies. Can't say it's "the best," but it's not a bad option if you're downtown.

      1. i always felt there were jewish rainbow cookies and italian ones...and i usually prefer the jewish ones...they seem to have more jelly and are more moist than their italian counterparts.

        that being said, i like the ones at bruno bakery quite a bit since their chocolate is excellent.

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          I think I've also had the ones from Bruno and they were indeed good.

        2. Levain

          No idea if they're the best, as I've never tried them, but if Levain's rainbow cookies are anything like their other cookies, then you could certainly do much worse.

          1. Thank you all! I actually took some advice from a friend and went to Moishe's in the E Village--they were great! I'd recommend to you all.

            And I absolutely love Fairway so I'll have to try those.

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              There is a difference between Jewish Bakery rainbow cookies and Italian. Although when either are made right they are both delicious. I find the italian version uses more almond paste and the Jewish uses more jam. My daughter's rainbow cookies are the best, but not for sale.