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Sep 14, 2013 01:25 PM

Columbus, OH question - Sunday lunch, early dinner Tuesday, maybe others

I am coming from NYC to Columbus for a conference from Sunday (around noon) to Tuesday afternoon (my plane leaves at 6). Staying at Sheraton Capital Square.

I will definitely be having lunch on my own on Sunday (I prefer lunch type foods to brunch type), and probably an early dinner on way to airport on Tuesday (unless there is a good place to eat at airport? Or get food for plane?). Possibly other meals. Possibly breakfast on Monday and Tuesday, if there is something good nearby (I get up early)

I won't have a car - will have to walk or taxi.

I like most kinds of food; what's special to Columbus?

Dress: Relatively casual (pants and polo shirt). Cost: Not a prime consideration, but I don't want to go crazy. Cuisine: What's good?

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  1. German Village neighborhood isn't too far from where you're staying. Lindey's has a great Sunday lunch/brunch and always has a lively feel to it. If it's nice out, they have a gorgeous patio. (

    If you want something very "Columbus" (but not necessarily gourmet), The Thurman Café has a famous burger and is a local landmark.

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    1. Also, Knead on High Street is walkable and a good, reasonably priced choice for dinner. Deepwood, also on High, is more upscale and has a great seasonal menu.

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      1. At the airport B gates there is a Wolfgang Puck Express which is my go-to for an acceptable meal. From where you are staying there are lots of choices. Rigsbys (short north) and Lindey's (German Village) pop to the top of the list.

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