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I've got cauliflower, I've got curry powder. What should I make?

Any great recipes?

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      I love to roast cauliflower with a little olive oil sprinkled with curry powder salt-and-pepper in the oven at a high temperature for a short time
      I cut the cauliflower up in pieces first plus it would be olive oil it'll come out crunchy

      1. re: Dglehrer

        I love it this way but I cut it into "steaks" by slicing it through the core (more surface touching the pan= more caramelization.)

        1. re: Dglehrer

          My vote is for roasted cauliflower, too. The darkened crunchy bits are the best!

          1. re: Dglehrer

            That's exactly what I would do with it! Delicious.

        2. Some kind of gratin using the cauliflower and milk and curry powder.

          1. Roasted curried cauliflower soup!

            1. I'd put unsweetened coconut into whatever you make...

              1. Aloo gobi is one of my favorites. It usually mixes spices but you can use curry as a replacement.

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                1. re: chowser

                  I was going to suggest the same.

                  1. re: chowser

                    As I wrote in some other thread recently, aloo gobi makes a mighty fine filling for samosas, too.

                  2. This sounds crazy but its really good- cauliflower crust for a pizza! Swap in the curry as the spice and use interesting veggies as a topping

                    1. I would make a soup- boil the cauliflower in chicken stock until really soft, then blend it with just a bit of liquid, coconut milk, and curry powder, adding more liquid if necessary.

                      1. One possibility:

                        Roast the cauliflower (easier and healthier) or sautee it in a pan with breadcrumbs and a little butter. Make a white bechamel sauce and add the curry power to create curry sauce. Combine curry sauce, golden raisins, cooked orecchiette (little ears) pasta. If you're a meat eater add some crumbled bacon.

                        This also freezes well.

                        1. One thing I like to do with cauliflower is use it to top a spicy lamb curry. Make your favorite lamb curry recipe. While it's cooking, break the cauliflower into large florets and steam it until it's just barely tender. Put the finished curry into a baking dish and top with the cauliflower, then bake in a very hot oven until the cauliflower just starts to brown. Remove from oven and sprinkle with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Yum!