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Sep 14, 2013 09:07 AM

Decent Taco Alert - Courthouse

Tacos El Chilango, 14th and Rhodes. Open 11 - 8, Mon to Fri

Apparently this taco truck has been hiding from me, 5 minutes away from my house. While not the pinnacle of taco achievement, Tacos El Chilango provides well executed standbys at a reasonable price. (7.50 for 3) I tried the Asada, Lengua, and Al Pastor, which break down as follows:

Tortillas - Store bought. Spent enough time cooking to not fall apart in your hand.

Lengua - Soft and moist, without being mushy.

Asada - not overcooked, fatty and flavorful, but not gristly.

Al Pastor - Well, you can't have everything. Al Pastor is hard.

Sauce - red and green. As with most taco places, the green is better, with appropriate ooomph.

To the other Southern California transplants out there - no, this is not the Taco Holy Grail that we're all looking for. But it does simple things well, and without gouging on price. (Looking at you, Fuego.) And you don't have to get in the car to get there.

Final verdict - B+, would taco again.

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  1. Yes, this truck has been hanging around for a long time at 14th and Queen near Rosslyn in an area of garden apartments. I can't say it's better than a myriad of trucks parked along Columbia Pike; it has a wider selection. I haven't tried all the ingredients.

    1. Brick and mortar by the same name at 11th and V, near U Street metro. Simple and short menu, I'm a fan.

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        Yep. The prices are slightly higher at the brick and mortar, not that they're high enough to discourage anyone. The horchata is not my favorite, but by no means bad. I have to go with the pastor, though.