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Sep 14, 2013 07:51 AM

Other Good Pizza In New Haven

Whenever I have to go up to Boston, I like stopping in New Haven to have some of their yummy pizza. So far, I've had Frank Pepe's, Bar, Modern and Sally's. In terms of my preferences, I'd probably rate Pepe's and Bar equally, tho because there is a Pepe's in Yonkers, NY, I'd probably give Bar a slight edge - only because I can get Pepe's without having to drive all the way to New Haven, thus making Bar more coveted. Modern is slightly below the two aforementioned joints and Sally's, well, based on my first experience there, they don't even factor in. However, the guy sitting behind us at Sally's loved his pizza and said that Sally's is the best. I'm sure there is good pizza on their menu, we just didn't order it that time around.

Anyways, in terms of trying out new places in New Haven for pizza, what else is good? I've been looking a bit on Yelp and places that seem to be well reviewed are Da Legna, Grand, Zuppardi, Costa, Mike's and Avellino's.

Just wondering if any of those are really any good, or if there are others I should look into?

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  1. I think you have New Haven pretty well covered. There are a number of options in East and West Haven off I-95, plus Hamden off the Whitney Ave. and Dixwell Ave. exits on the Wilbur Cross Parkway to I-91 then 84 to the Mass Pike. Large Italian populations in all 3 towns.

    1. Big fan of Zuppardi's sausage pizza. Understand they have a great fresh-shucked clam pie also but clams not my thing.

      1. Try GG's in Milford. Very thin crust baked in a wood fired oven (imported from Italy - the same oven that Mario Battali uses!) and some very creative pizzas. Additionally, really good salads, a wide variety of beers and a nice wine list. Definitely worth checking out!

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          YES! Finally got here--had wanted to try GG's for the longest time. Their arancini are OUTSTANDING. I enthusiastically second your recommendation on their pies. Very friendly service, too. They make their own root beer--good stuff!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            If they make their own root beer, say no more!

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              Having tried Da Legna in New Haven, their pizza is superior to GG's, tho GG' is still quite nice.

          2. Zuppardi's, yes...That's waste If you're willing to consider the "greater" New Haven area, Roseland in Derby, Olde World in Hamden and Tolli's in East Haven get high marks in my book

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              BB, agree with you liost PLUS Ernie's on Whalley Ave in the Westville section of New Haven.

            2. I love Pepe's clam pie as much as anyone can but last night as I was driving through New Haven at about 7, the lines were too long for the time we had available so I decided to finally try Zuppardi's. It was excellent. Not destination great but you would be pretty lucky to have this as your local joint. Regular with roasted red peppers, and a clam and bacon, both small. Toppings were good though a little to much garlic on the clam but what struck me was how good the crust was. Very glad to be able to walk in and grab a booth and be served promptly on a Saturday night at prime time.

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                This thread has long since died, but I finally tried Zuppardi's and wanted to chime in. I went there with my girlfriend on January 2, en route to Boston, before the storm got too bad. We arrived at 11am, just as they opened and were initially the only ones there, tho more people did come in.

                After some discussion with the staff about what to order - they did recommend the sausage and meatball pies, as they make their own fennel sausage and meatballs - we opted for a large clam pie, which was the plan from the get go. If you do order the clam pie, make sure you specify fresh clams, as they do have a version with canned clams. Fresh is more expensive, but tastes much better. One last detail about our order - we got 25% of the pie with mozzarella.

                It took the pizza a pretty long time to come, but when it finally did arrive, it was well worth the wait. It looked and smelled delicious. They said the long wait was because they shuck each clam freshly. I asked how many clams were on the pie and was told 5 dozen.

                Taste-wise, the mix of clams and spices was excellent. The section with mozzarella tasted just as good as the section without. The crust was firm and crisp as well. The section with no mozzarella, when held horizontally with no support from underneath, stood firmly without bending. The section with mozzarella did bend, but no big deal there.

                Zuppardi's just uses a regular pizza oven - no coal, wood or anything else fancy, but the pizza taste great.

                The price, including tax and tip, ended up being $45, which was kind of pricy. However, the price for the large clam pie on the menu was not what they charged us. They actually charged us a few dollars less than the marked price, so we caught a small break there. Being that Zuppardi's charges $1 per raw clam on the half shell, $45 for a pizza with 60 clams isn't a bad deal at all.

                As other reviewers have said, West Haven is Waste Haven and not destination great, but you would be lucky to have this as your local joint.

                1. re: willscarlett

                  This may sound like a silly question, but was 60 clams "excessive"? It sounds like an awful lot of clams (and I guess I made a pun).

                  1. re: DGresh

                    I didn't count the exact number of clams on the pizza, but if 60 clams were on that pizza, it wasn't excessive. The clams are also served whole and not chopped.

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                      If the large pie was cut in 12 slices (typical in New Haven area) 5 clams per slice is not excessive (especially when one doesn't know the size of the clams)

                      1. re: bagelman01

                        I think Zuppardi's large pie was 16", tho I could be wrong. Here are some photos.

                        1. re: willscarlett

                          Oh my, that looks nice and clammy. Can I be nosey and ask the price? The Large clam pie at Pepe's is $26.25 .

                          1. re: Veggo

                            Surely! From what I remember, the price on the menu said $39, but when the bill came, they only charged us $36. Once tax and tip was factored in, Zuppardi's large clam pie cost $45.

                            That's certainly the most expensive clam pie I've ever had, but if you judge it by the fact that Zuppardi's charges $1 per raw clam on the half shell and this pie contained 60 clams, plus all the other ingredients, it's not a bad deal.