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Sep 14, 2013 06:33 AM

Kansas City - Seeking a couple of restaurant recs for sightseeing trip

Will be staying at either the Kansas City Airport Marriott or the Overland Park Marriott; will have a car, and would like suggestions for our visit. We like fish, shellfish, and would do a special steakhouse. We enjoy creative cooking with local produce as well. Thanks, in advance, for your recommendations.

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  1. Those two hotels are a LONG way apart. I'm not familiar with what's up near the airport these days. If you stay in Overland Park, I recommend J Gilbert's for steak; directly north of the hotel on Metcalf about 2 1/2 miles. Fish is more difficult. The best is Le Fou Frog, near the City Market just north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. In OP, the Bristol on 119th Street is OK, but quality level doesn't match the high prices.

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      Dave is right - J Gilbert's and Bristol's are the best recs for steak and seafood near the OP Marriott. For some local ingredient places not too far away from Metcalf, check out Mission Farms. Room 39 is local ingredient, seasonal ingredients; Blanc's Burgers and Bottles specializes in fun twists on burgers and shakes. I have not eaten at Rye - nor will I due to a bad experience with the management - but others say that they have had good meals there - local ingredients and "heartland" food.