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Sep 14, 2013 05:15 AM

Crawfish pie/etouffee out of season?

Perhaps another silly question... I know that we are not in crawfish season currently, however I see prepared versions of crawfish on current New Orleans menus, mostly in pies and such.

I was wondering how the presumably frozen crawfish fare as a preparation... would it be obviously unwise to order something like this that i know is not currently in season?

The reason I ask is that i have had versions of other out of season items that freeze fairly well and would be awful by themselves, however become almost enhanced in prepared dishes.

Thanks for your input

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  1. I have recently made crawfish stew, crawfish pie, and a seafood gumbo/chioppino with frozen crawfish and was pleased with the results.

    But for stew and pie, where crawfish is the major ingredient, you will of course get a different flavor using fresh crawfish from a boil made to your taste.

    1. You need to find out if the crawfish was local or Chinese. That’s what makes the difference.

      1. Frozen LOCAL crawfish are fine to use in an etouffee or bisque. I just wash them off first and add them at the last
        minute to heat through. If you leave them in too long, they shrivel up.

        Delicious examples can be had at the Bon Ton Café in the CBD.

        1. Frozen local crawfish are fine.