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Sep 13, 2013 08:50 PM

Cola Too Sweet for You?

I have cut back considerably in 50 years but I still just HAVE to have my Diet Pepsi with some things, usually a few times a week, about half a can's worth. (I have never liked DCoke; it is way too sweet for me.) For some reason, i find that having the diet pepsi exceedingly cold ( a LOT of ice) is the only way to go, but even then, it has become too sweet for me. SO......i started adding a little (cold) strong coffee to it. And it helps cut the sweetness. Wanted to share that , just in case it might help someone.........

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  1. I stopped drinking all pop about 30+ years ago, but I do remember squeezing a lemon wedge into it to counter the sweetness. I drank regular; I remember that the few tastes of diet that I have had tasted even sweeter than regular.

    I did try some Mexican coke a couple of years ago, and besides the crushing sweetness I noticed how salty it was, too.

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, those were random thoughts, weren't they? That is a very original and creative idea to use the coffee...big caffeine hit , too, I bet!