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Sep 13, 2013 08:45 PM

Singapore - Best Teochew-style Cold Crabs from Liang Kee, Whampoa West.

Liang Kee is one of the most established Teochew restaurants in Singapore, started in 1974 by the late Ng Bak Liang, a Teochew immigrant from Swatow. It was a big family-run restaurant where the elder Ng was assisted by his 6 sons and 4 daughters.

My most memorable dish at Liang Kee in its old Outram Park location was this very elaborate "Orh Nee" (the ubiquitous Teochew yam paste dessert) rendition - a huge platter to serve ten: it had a whole sugar-cured mandarin orange sitting atop this huge bed of soft, mashed purple yam-paste, decorated with candied lotus seeds and red-tinted glutinous rice, drizzled with lots of clear sugar syrup. The waitress proceeded to mash the orange, which she'd then mix into the yam and other ingredients. *That* was the most spectacular Teochew dessert I'd ever come across. It was in 1990, and I still remembered every detail of what I had.

Liang Kee at Whampoa West (5 minutes' walk from Bendemeer Market & Food Centre) is currently run by Son #3, Ng Siang Lin - a genial chap who looked more like a Shaolin martial artist than a culinary wizard that he is.

My fave item, and perhaps *the* dish the restaurant is best-known for, is the steamed crab, served cold Teochew-style, with dips of plum sauce and chilli-vinegar. Liang Kee's crabs are often absolutely roe- and milt-filled: not cheap at about US$30 for a smallishy crab (pictured), but worth very single cent.

Address details
Liang Kee Restaurant
Block 34 Whampoa West, 01-27
Singapore 330034

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  1. That looks a lot like the mud crabs 奄仔蟹 in Hong Kong where they are in season for a few months, and are very rich in roe. Are blue crabs 花蟹 available in Singapore? I know a variant of the species can be found off the coast of the Philippines.

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    1. re: K K

      Blue crabs would be available in Singapore, but not as common as the mud crabs. We import seafood from all over the world, but the most popular crabs are Sri Lankan and Indonesian ones.

      1. re: klyeoh

        yah i was going to ask what kinda crab they were bc they're not the normal 花蟹 you see in HK

        how does this crab compare to a 花蟹? is the meat as sweet?

    2. Did you try the leatherjacket fish with bittergourd and salty black beans? My favourte dish from Liang Kee.