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Sep 13, 2013 08:37 PM

Bed and breakfast on a farm or something similar

My girlfriend and I are visiting France later this month and need to finalize one part of our plan. We're starting with a week in Bordeaux and ending with a couple days in Paris but in between we're interested in doing some kind of gastronomically interesting B&B stay, perhaps on a farm. I've been searching through, which is fairly useful, but does anyone have any particular recommendations? We're looking at 9/30 until probably 10/3. I figured searching for 'gourmet' or 'on the farm' themed experiences that offer table d'hotes dinners would be a good start but the descriptions aren't always especially informative. This is probably the best I've got so far:

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  1. Another resource is this site which includes listings of ferme-auberges (farm-inns) that offer set menu meals, usually without lodging:

    1. There's a great thread on chambre d'hotes which I have saved on my profile for future reference - here's the link:

      1. Here is the website for the Gaillac region, where that B&B is located, to at least give you info on what is in the immediate surrounding area:

        I'm guessing you are planning on renting a car? Also the proprietors of the gite you referenced don't speak English; I'm not sure if that is a concern to you.

        If you want to do more research, you need to 'drill down' for your information. For example, by pasting the name of the table d'hôte you found into Google, I found the micro-regional website for Gaillac tourism (link above), and that site has many listings for places that have their own website. Lots more info to glean if you want to take the time. here is the website for just one of the places listed, and the owners speak English:

        Sorry I can't give you any personal recs.

        In fact, you can go to any regional tourism website and search for table d'hôte. Limousin, Auvergne, Poitevin, and then look for a table d'hote that has their own website with more info. There are plenty you can find.

        1. Your farm in the Tarn sounds great. I, personally, would spend two nights there, then two more in a different area. (Three full days on one farm might be a little much...or not.)

          First to come to mind is La Rochutte near Beaune, an organic farm where they raise heritage pigs and ancient breed chickens. You could take a drive into Beane on your second day, if you chose. This place only has one chambre and books quite early, but you might get lucky.

          1. We didn't stay here, but ate here. Very beautiful and close to Bordeaux, http://www.auberge-du-brusquand-dordo....
            I really wanted to stay here,, but my wife isn't that adventurous.