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Sep 13, 2013 08:01 PM

Chowhounds in training

Nowhere else to brag about 4 yos creativity and palate.. She has been requesting new food combinations since she was2. So far she's requested
Sweet potato and peanut butter
Blue cheese and pomegranate molasses
Broccoli rabe and peas

She likes cooking shows but bores easily at the stove bc she's so tiny. Any other fun things to do with kids interested in food?

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  1. Trips to farmers markets, specilaity markets- many do kid food tours.

    Kiddie cooking classes (hold your own).

    Since you are fine with screens there are plenty of cooking "games" even for the young ones.

    Food art/design

    Lots of ideas on home schooling sites…

    1. Agree with Foodie they do have kids cooking classes or you can hold your own at home.

      Do you have any great cookbooks with great photography she could go through? There might be something in there that she might want to try.

      If you go through the chow site they have a plethera of fun projects. Some are very kid friendly from pickling to making your own fruit roll ups.

      With the fall season coming up she might be interested in making a sweet potato or pumpkin pie.

      Chow also has a recipe for butternut squash soup she might like.

      Having people help in a group effort might keep her focused and from getting bored.

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        yes, a group aspect can be a lot fun. Does she have cousins? Great cousin time! With 4 years olds it best to keep the group small, no more than 2 or 3 kids. Things that can be done in stages can help keep boredom/distraction at a minimum.

        Couple of ideas for one on one or mini "classes"

        Make you own pizzas. For a 4 year olds it might be best to have the dough rolled out with tomato sauce already on. Put out bowls of toppings in an assembly line and lets the kids top their own pizza's. They go off and play while they cook and then come back to their own creations

        Pancakes. Easy to stir and mix. Pour into a squeeze bottle and spell their names in batter, make smilie faces, etc. For added fun use multiple squeeze bottle and add natural food colorings. My son was safe around the stove and I could trust him on a step stool and he would make his own, with me flipping them.

        Monkey Bread. Plenty of homemade/from scratch recipes out there but my son had fun pulling apart those canned biscuits, LOL and it goes much faster

        If you celebrate Halloween save those pumpkin seeds! My son loves roasting pumpkin seeds as much as he loves decorating pumpkins.

        Meatballs- Depending on her interest level have her involved in making the mixture. If she seems distracted make the mixture in advance and have her help roll out the balls.

      2. how awesome! My mom use to let me go through food magazines with stickie page markers I would mark things that looked "yummy" to me. She would tear the picture out of the magaize and the recipe. Then she would make cards with the pictures from the computer and words of what we needed from the market( after awhile we had a collection so she didnt have to make them everytime) we would go to the store and I would help her shop using my cards. and we would cook together. when I was reallllly little she would pull the dishwasher door down for me to use as a counter top. ..We also cooked things from books... Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.. Chicken soup with rice...etc.. and of course grow a garden... I am so excited for you you are going to have such fun together!

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        1. re: girloftheworld

          Yes! Grow a garden, or even a pot, with some fast growing veggies. Lettuce and radishes are ready in less than a month. My 3.5 year old loves to make his own salad, bugs and all.

        2. Jello jigglers! Kids like colorful food. When my boys were little, we had alphabet jiggler cutters, like miniature cookie cutters. We made words with them. You can sound out silly words she makes with the letters.
          Blue jello with gummy worms and critters in a clear glass makes an aquarium.

          Dirt pudding...butterscotch or chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos and gummy worms on top.

          Sugar cookies with several food colors in the dough, or colored sugar or sprinkles.

          Pizza or yeast rolls. Kids love to watch it poof up, and they love to punch it down.

          An old fashioned pear salad. Take a half a canned or poached pear, cut side down, and let her make a face on it with raisins, cherries, nuts, string cheese (for hair), etc.