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Sep 13, 2013 06:10 PM

Montreal weekend visit with teens

Will be coming Thanksgiving weekend with 2 teenaged girls for their birthday celebrations. I have one night figured out but would like some help deciding on an Italian restaurant for the other night which is the Sunday. One of the girls is limited as to what she likes, but enjoys simple pastas, pizza and chicken dishes. Mangiafoco, Venti, Dolcetto, Bevo? Would love some input! As for price point - perhaps 20 -25 for mains. Thanks.

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  1. That area of town (old port) is expensive,,, and great itallan is expensive. I havent been to dolcetto but I would go to Osteria venti out of that list.. it is a tiny bit more than what you want on average perhaps but I loved it the three times I went in the past 5 months. It is worth notiing that they offer a lunch menu that is ~23 for two or 3 courses( I forget but usually go at lunch because of that).

    totally different dining exp:
    Teens would probably love romados (call 20 min before you get there to order for pic it then yo ucan skip the line where regulars have to stand...saves A LOT of time) and you could take it for a picnic in mount royal park (short walk), with a glass of beer or wine (closest SAQ to there is on st laurent and pine) if you are nice. Best chicken in town. If you order two chickens and fries it will be about 25 total. They also sell wonderful natas.

    1. Bottega, which is mostly pizza, but has other dishes, would work - they would probably love the atmosphere.

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        I agree. I love their pizzas but their eggplant appetizer combined with their broccoli rabe and sausage is magical, there is also cafe Dante which is delicious especially their mushroom gnocchi.

      2. Thanks all for the reponses so far. I looked at Osteria Venti and it does look perfect but it is closed on Sunday:( Dante is also closed on Sunday.

        We have a non-pizza eater in the group, so not sure that Bottega will do either, though their Neapolitan pizzas look amazing.

        The search continues....!

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          For your "non-pizza eater" Bottega offers a variety of hors d'oeuvres that could easily be combined into a meal.

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            Looks like Bottega it will be. I will report back. Thanks.

        2. Can anyone suggest some breakfast places in Old Montreal? Le Cartet looks great but it may be too busy for us to wait as we are only in Mtl for a short time.

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            How about Christian Faure for pastries? Depends on what you are looking for for breakfast. I love a good croissant and coffee for breakfast, another option would be olive and gourmando but the wait might be long.

          2. Thank you to everyone that suggested restaurants to us. We had a wonderful weekend,

            The highlight was Bottega. The kids enjoyed the pizzas - especially the 4 cheese one with the different cheeses separated on the 4 pieces of pizza - brilliant. Loved the Bottega bacio, the polpette and the eggplant sfizi. Great suggestion for families. Gracious service and nice atmosphere too.

            We also had dinner at Holder which was hopping and a lot of fun. The salmon tartare was delicious!

            Love Montreal!