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Sep 13, 2013 06:02 PM

Oysters in Paris, this Fall

I have read of the "blight" that has diminished the oyster harvest this year.
Will we still find great oysters, even Belons, in Paris in November? How badly have prices increased? Does Wepler still have an early evening oyster special and on what days? Any other oyster reccos welcomed.
We will have an apt., but do the market fishmongers shuck oysters? Or will we have to return their platters, etc.? We have reserv at Spring and Goust thanks to your info. Many thanks. I love CH. BTW, we will be near the marche Boudoyer, if anyone has any reccos for restos or vendors there.

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  1. The fishmonger at Maubert-Mutualité in the 5th certainly shucks oysters. We order our oysters when we arrive at the market (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings), and they're ready by the time we've finished our other shopping. He used to do it for free, but I think that last time it was 1€/dozen oysters. He arranges them on a cardboard box, complete with a few slices of lemon, so there is no platter to return. Enjoy!

    1. I'll get piled on by Pti for saying this, but every year there's a disaster, in oysters, in eggs, in melons, in wine grapes, in tomatoes, and so on, and usually after dumping a few truckloads on the streets and burning tires, and imploring the gov'ment to solve the problem, (over-production or weather, the problem usually is) life goes on.
      This year is no different, oh sure it's a different virus, Herpes this year or maybe a mystery one, I kid thee not (
      I think, again, Pti pile on, that the brasserie or shucker is less important than the actual oyster delivered is.
      So I, for instance, have a guy in my very unfashionable nabe, who has moved a few hundred meters but still provides the same great same-day Gillardeau stuff. And I trust him to deliver this week as he has last week.

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        And the location of this guy in your great nabe would be.....? And thanks for the input and article, which pretty well summarizes what I had read. Hey, what's a little herpes among oyster lovers?

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          Well, I can give it to you but (1) you don't want to schlep them and (2) my point was that one can find good oysters in any neighborhood. (FYI It's Les Délices De L'Atlantique, 73 Rue Duhesme in the 18th, not Crusta at #63).

      2. I have used the fishmonger at Maubert-Mutualité and the market in front as "alohatoall" suggests. The Metro stop is also right in front. Please check to see my recent visit to Paris and how I managed the oyster shopping and shucking.
        You will not find as many Belons as before, they are more expensive when you find them, and they may even be from Ireland. The French have been farming "Pacific" oysters (Crassostrea Gigas) for years and when they are in season, they are wonderful.
        Bon appetite!

        1. The great venue Mary Celeste has 1 euro oysters in the early evening. It's a great place to have an aperitif, especially with the addition of an oyster snack.

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            Thanks, Nancy. Love to know about Mary Celeste. That's great. I've read that Wepler does the 1 euro oyster, too, but don't know which days.

          2. Place l use for shucked, served at your table is Pleine Mer on Rue Chabrol, near Gare de Nord.
            Just muscadet and oysters, all sizes, portugeuse, belon, wild and farmed. Small sizes like #4 or #5 go for about 15 euros.dozen. #1 for about 19 euros/dozen.
            Closed Sunday except for take out, and Monday.

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              Thank you, indeed. I've read that "Belons" (or at least flat oysters) are now being grown in Maine. Very limited, but starting. Our oysters on Long Island are all of the "hollow" variety. Good, but not Belons.

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                We've split a discussion about oyster cultivation to our General Topics board. You'll find it here: . Thanks!