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Sep 13, 2013 05:49 PM

HELP! - recipe says "1 pound sugar" - how many cups?

HELP - i am making recipe that says "1 pound of sugar" (the normal North American white granulated sugar) - so please tell me how many cups that is?

ideally, i want to sub Splenda for this recipe (it is jam)

I am not worried about making "less than set" jam

and I know about the preservation issues - i am freezing this


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  1. 1 cup of sugar weighs 200g, according to LaVarenne Pratique. So 1lb would be 2 1/4 cups.

    1. The table I got with my scale says that 1 cup of granulated = 7oz. The math is more than my fuzzy brain can handle but since 1/3 cup = 2 1/4 oz, I'd measure 2 cups of sugar and take out a scant 1/3 cup.

      Hope someone else can be more precise.

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        Your math is wrong. If 1 cup is 7 oz, 2 cups is 14 oz and the remaining 2 oz is a little over a third of a cup, so it's 2 cups PLUS a heaping 1/3 cup.

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          Thanks! I knew I couldn't trust my math! That's why I included the facts I was working from. ; >

      2. You might want to do a little reseach on making jam with Splenda.

        Sugar is important not just for flavor and consistency but it's also an important element in minimizing the growth of bacteria.

        Maybe a freezer type jam is a possibility.

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          The OP already states that she knows about preservation issues and plans to freeze the jam.

        2. I like to weigh my ingredients when baking and have found this website very helpful for converting volume to weight measures (and vice versa).

          There is even an option for sweetener (sugar and sucralose), which I believe is the Splenda baking blend.

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          1. reporting back - this also relates to the Ma Made marmalade thread on here -

            so - i was short of time - and w/o a back-up plan - so i decided to go approx 50 / 50 on the granulated white sugar to splenda ratio

            next time i go to supermkt i will buy another tin of this mix (I wish they made organic) - and try 100 percent splenda - maybe i could get a sponsorship! ; )

            anyway - the MaMade marmalade concentrate calls for 4 (four!) pounds of sugar - very Brit for sure - so I put in 2 pounds of sugar (approx 4 cups) and then 2 cups *yes, cups - of Splenda white powder stuff.

            ... then boiled it all up as required on label

            ... then poured in to some jars ... and

            it has set-up perfectly - maybe a bit softer than the usual english style jam - but we don't like sticky hard jam that seems boiled to death and beyond - we had to endure that stuff as kids

            and yes, the important part is storage - obviously this must be used in next week (kept in fridge all the while) .... or frozen

            thank you for your help

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              The important part to me is how it tastes. This Jam must taste strongly of Splenda . Is it actually good?

              1. re: magiesmom

                i understand what you're saying - to us it tastes fine - i also sometimes use Stevia in jam (find Benardin Pectin or some other brand that allows for NO sugar)

                anyway - i think certain flavors are more receptive to splenda / stevia - esp citrus and rhubarb and other tart flavors. I also use it in plum jam (italian prune plum jam) - again, using the no-sugar pectin and freezing the final product (AND keep in fridge if you've defrosted and are using that jam that week)

                i often freeze in sturdy pint-size freezer bags - put the jam in the bags when it's cool - freeze flat (i don't like the risk of glass in my freezer) - then i dispense the jam in to a jar for that week's use and store in fridge