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Sep 13, 2013 05:38 PM

Plaza Azteca-Hingham

Formally Chilis in Queen Anne's Corner. They opened last Tuesday but the place was under construction all summer long. Web site/FB describes them as authentic Mexican but I would say its more Tex/Mex, american mexican.

There were typical opening week hiccups- order mixups, late drinks, slow service but everyone was extremely friendly it was easy to let it slide.

Chips were definitely made in house and the salsa was really good, very flavorful and on the thicker/smooth side which I prefer to the more liquid chunky style.

Guacamole is made to order at the table. Kids really loved that. We ordered it medium spice, with everything, easy on the onions. It was thick with chunks of tomatoes and just the right amount of jalapeño and cilantro. There were six of us so we made short work of it. Next time we would get a double order.

Kids had tacos- one got soft and one hard, both with beef. Plates were licked clean.

2 adults had the chicken fajitas. Big pile of lightly sautéed veggies, creme fraiche (sp?), guacamole and wraps. Chicken had a lot of flavor but could have used more heat-we asked for hot sauce and were given two kinds. I had the fish tacos which were excellent-nice slaw and pico di gallo. They could have been hotter/crispier but I think that had to do with it being opening week and getting the timing right. Black beans came in small bowl, topped with cheese-great for dipping extra chips into! My husband had the enchilada combo platter-lots of meat, cheese but again lacked heat. We should have let them know we like it spicy but the hot sauce helped.

My drink was mediocre, billed as an "original daiquiri" but what arrived was nothing like a daiquiri-way too sweet and not nearly enough fresh lime. The "skinny" margaritas were considered "quite good" and my husband got a grande traditional one with a step up on the tequila. His was by far the best of lot-strong, salty with lots of fresh lime flavor. The drink menu is extensive with lots of margarita choices, fun and traditional cocktails, sipping tequilas and beers.

We were all too full for dessert except for my bottomless pit son who got the churros. Piping hot and freshly made he loved them. Right amount of cinnamon and sugar and served with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and mangos.

Definitely fills a need around here. Other than El Sarape in Weymouth which we love, the choices in the area are awful. We gave Salsa a few chances but have never felt the need to go back. I was dragged to Margaritas for a work lunch and lets just say the food was inedible.

We will go back once the dust settles and try some of there more ambitious dishes. One thing to note is the Hingham menu is different from what you see on line. They are testing out a new menu/concept and hope to roll it out to the other locations.

Oh and they have lots of GF options and a kids menu with items for the pickiest kids-corn dogs, nuggets and pizza along with tacos, quesadillas, etc

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  1. Awesome, live close by and cannot wait to go but will wait a bit longer till quirks are worked out!

    1. I really wanted to like this place and it looked promising on the way in. Wait staff was not familiar with the menu, so although they asked if you had any questions, if you asked one they couldn't answer and didn't know. The waitress never brought chips and salsa when we first sat....someone else had to bring them after we ordered guacamole. We ordered table side guac (and can I just say the tip jar on the cart is tacky)...we asked for medium and it was completely bland and not medium spicy. We also got the tortilla soup which was bland...tasted like chicken soup with potatoes in it. The rest of the meal was bland, tasteless and unremarkable...we won't be back.

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        tip jar on the cart? We didn't see that and I agree that would be very tacky.

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          I love the idea of table side service, and it is really missing from restaurants in this day and age. Locke Ober was one of the last hold outs, and had some great table side preps (steak au poivre; baked Alaska), alas they are now closed. I had a caesar salad prepared table side in NYC recently that I am dying to go back for.

          That being said, I think table side guacamole preparation is a gimic resulting in an inferior product. I want fresh guac, but it really is best with a bit of time for the flavors to come together. You just don't get this from a table side prep.