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Sep 13, 2013 05:32 PM

Ball Stainless Canner Disappointment

Argh! I'm smack in the midst of canning tomato sauce, and today I noticed that the "Elite" stainless steel canner from Ball that I purchased less than a month ago is having issues. The bottom inside the canner has a big swollen spot, and when I run my hand over the outer bottom, it feels wavy.

Has anyone else had this happen either with this canner or any other clad bottom? My mother has a set of Belgique with clad bottoms and they're easily 20 years old - and that's never happened.

I called Ball and they told me to return it to the store I purchased it from. I'm hesitant to take a chance on a replacement lest this be a problem likely to reoccur. I did read of some similar complaints on Amazon. It's a shame because it's a nice design. I know Victorio makes a similar model, but it's probably made by the same factory in China, just with a different name stamped on the pot. :P

I'm limited to flat-bottom canners since we now have a glasstop stove. I'm thinking of just buying a big stock pot and using that.

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  1. I mostly just use a stock pot with a small cooling rack inside.

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    1. re: KarenDW

      That's what I'm thinking of doing as well. I'm going to be looking for something made in the US or EU. Any suggestions?

      1. re: Stardustgirl

        Go to your local restaurant supply store and buy one in the size you want. Cheap and easy.

      2. re: KarenDW

        Or if you don't have a cooling rack that fits, use extra rings from the canning jars. Works for me as long as I'm using jars larger than the rings!