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Sep 13, 2013 03:59 PM

Review: Haymaker

This is a LUNCH review, the bar itself seems well put together and has a good selection of beers, cocktails and the happy hour deals look good.

Starters: Paid 75 cents to try both mustards with our pretzel bite app. Seriously? Not a big deal. The beer mustard was unbalanced with too much beer flavor.

One cocktail: The cucumber / mint infused vodka with club soda. Great, refreshing. 6 bucks.

She got a BLCT. Tilamook cheddar? give me a break or at least give us enough cheese to taste. Tomato? Fail. Two tiny thin edges that were more skin than meat. No middle slices, on a friggin' BLT for God's sake? FAIL. Bacon was good and peppery. Overall the sandwich was mediocre at best. Bread was decent.

I got the Haymaker, which came with two burned pieces of texas toast covered in a miniscule amount of pit beef shreds (good enough flavor and tender, but sparse). This was topped with french fries, "gouda sauce" (my ass!! how about a whitish velveeta flavored sauce???), and coleslaw. I didn't eat the bread, the sauce if it was legit and had any gouda in it at all was a failure in texture and flavor and belied the good that gouda can do to a sandwich. Melvin's just flat kicks this place's ass in terms of a meat sandwich. Maybe I should have gotten the poutine.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I want to check this place out but maybe I will give them a couple of months to work out the kinks.