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Ontario Cider Map

I've put together a small map of Ontario cider orchards (hard cider of course!). Only been to Spirit Tree so far but could make for a day out to the Bruce Peninsula.


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  1. There are a few in Prince Edward County -- County Cider Company and Waupoos come to mind immediately, but I think there may be others.

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      I think County Cider and Waupoos are one and the same.

    2. Here's a Cider event in Toronto tomorrow (Sunday):
      It's being held at the Spadina Museum from 2 to 5 on Sept. 15.

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          It will have hard cider too! (Including Spirit Tree)
          And a rep from the Ontario craft cider association - to help with the map!

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            You're right that it's fresh-pressed (sweet or soft) cider, but here are some of the sponsors: Pommies Dry Cider, Spirit Tree Cidery, Hoity Toity Cellars and Thornbury! Definitely not of the 'soft' variety.

            Oh thanks, TO Chowfan. I missed your post while I was posting mine.

        2. Just had Spirit Tree on draught at Morgans on the Danforth.

          1. Another one:
            The Duxbury Cider Company, in Meaford

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              Seems you can't visit them. It does mention two establishments in Meaford and Thornbury that have the ciders. You can't visit The Thornbury Cider company either.

            2. Good stuff. Some of those are easy driving for me. I'll be visiting. Thank you.

              Given the number of Orchards in Southern Ontario I'm puzzled as to why we don't see more hard cider produced.

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                We grow lots of corn, too, but not much whiskey to show for it...You fill in the blank as to why.

              2. Cool Map !

                Just a quick skim down the LCBO Cider list and I saw two others but I am not familiar with either :

                Southern Cliff Brands in Caledon offering Pommies Dry Cider from "100% Ontario Heritage Apples", and

                Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery in Winona making pear ciders (might be interesting).


                Would love to hear anyone's cider preferences or tasting comments / opinions. I have found all Canadian ciders I have tried so far to be too sweet and having an unpleasant chemical taste (maybe preservatives?).

                There is also a good discussion about ciders here :

                Might inspire some others to try making your own. The season is upon us !!

                And lastly, would you consider adding the Quebec Ciders to your map ? Might make a nice fall weekend trip...

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                  " I have found all Canadian ciders I have tried so far to be too sweet and having an unpleasant chemical taste (maybe preservatives?)."
                  PoppiYYZ have you tried Pommies Dry yet? I don't know the sugar content, but the name suggests not too sweet. It's quite delicious.

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                    Well I haven't tried Pommies - the marketing is putting me off. I really like the Sir Isaacs Pear cider from Puddicombe though.

                    There is an Ontario Craft Cider Association that lists some others, but I didn't find any location details for visits. It's a fast growing market.

                    I have, however, successfully weened myself off of Blackthorn and onto Thornbury! it seems to be distribted by King City Brewery so hopefully the supply will hold up.

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                      I have only tried a few, so I guess I need to get serious and systematically try each available. I'm not familiar with Pommies' marketing, but I like the "100% Ontario Heritage Apples" idea though.

                      I make a cider and have quite a few old (like really old) apple trees, but I haven't broken down and bought a press. Me thinks it will be a lot of work too. I cop out and get fresh pasteurized unpreserved apple juice from Bennet's in Hamilton.

                      Never heard of the Ontario Craft Cider Association. Sounds interesting. Lots of great info here !!

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                        Seems a bit "girlie", but I will try it next.

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                      Too sweet and a chemical aftertaste have been the majority of experiences I have had with Canadian cider, as well. The only one so far that hasn't been that way was Merridale cider on Vancouver Island. Mind you, it has been a few years since I've had it.

                      I was able to sample plenty of ciders in England over the summer. A few were duds, but the majority of them were excellent. Probably the best of all was Bounders, produced by Bath Ales. (Their Gem ale was also outstanding. ) Somerset's reputation is solid.

                      I think what many Canadian ciders lack is a lightness of flavour that keeps them from becoming cloying. My personal preference would also be for makers to back off a bit on the carbonation. I don't want to feel like I'm drinking soda.

                      I'm glad more cideries are popping up. Done right, it's a fine drink.

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                        The only Ontario available cider that I order regularly is Strowbow on tap.

                        If you ever get a chance to try Etienne DuPont, Cidre Boucher Brut de Normany, beware (it is available in the States). It is so good, it may ruin your ability to enjoy other ciders....

                        My favorite cider style is German (Hessen) Apfelwein. I make mine in this style. Super duper dry, crisp apple-y flavor, with more of a sharper wine mouth feel (as opposed to a draft beer feel).

                        Will try and find a Canadian cider that can fit the bill. Would really love to support a local cider maker.

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                          Ment to update this since I have had an EXCELLENT cider called West Avenue Heritage. Very lightly coloured, very slightly carbonated, with a crisp dry apple flavor. Very tasty stuff !

                          Available at many pubs, but sadly not at the LCBO / Beer Store.


                      2. We drove south on Saturday for family Thanksgiving and that took us near Twin Pines shown on the map. The operation was crowded with families buying pumpkins, squash, apples, pears, gift merchandise and other produce and various food items.

                        On the second floor of the store is a sampling room. They had three hard ciders, a perry, a cider/perry and a couple of apple wines.


                        We sampled their "Hammer Bent Original", and "Hammer Bent Red" ciders. The Red we found to be a bit sweet for our liking when compared to the Original which had a tartness and bite to it. I had never tasted Perry before and was surprised at how good it was - dry and smooth. All three items sampled were effervescent and had a very slight earthy hint which was I found pleasant. I'm sorry that I didn't try the third cider, "Scrumpy" which is a rough, unfiltered cider.

                        I bought a litre bottle each of the "Original" and their Perry for $21 both which was a steal. The cider is in my fridge now and the Perry we had with our turkey dinner - a perfect fit.

                        These are straightforward, honest, rustic offerings which I think may of you would welcome. Hell, we're always looking for unique Ontario foods, well there we go.

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                          Thanks for the report! I'd love to have a go at their scrumpy - we actually call "scrumpy" "rough" in the West of England, and it can be evil, evil stuff.