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Sep 13, 2013 02:04 PM

Jake's in Northampton

I've really tried to like Jake's since the new owners took over. I was so glad someone stepped up to the plate and rescued it when it closed. Jake's has been an institution in Northampton for many years. It has an old world charm and it's part of the fabric of Northampton. Unfortunately the new Jake's just hasn't cut it for me. The thing that I always loved about Jake's was that it was no frills dining - just consistently good, simple food. Great burgers, great sandwiches and great breakfasts. It seems the new owners want to put their on stamp on it and there's nothing wrong with that, but you need to make it a good stamp if you're going to do that! My husband and I have eaten there 3 times since the new owners took over and every time was worse than the time before. Today we finally said it was our last trip to Jake's and that makes me very sad. They have tried too hard to gussy up everything on the menu. Today I got a veggie wrap that sounded very good, but it was wet and overpowered by a very strong lemon vinaigrette and had too many ingredients. You couldn't taste the sandwich for the dressing which clashed with the olives. Last time I was there I ordered eggs benedict and the egg yolks were hard. In the past if you went to Jake's at lunch time it would have been packed. We went today at 12:30 and we could sit anywhere we wanted. Too bad - so long Jake's. Maybe someone else will take up the banner someday and restore it to its glory if these guys don't make it. Has anyone else been disappointed with the new Jake's?

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  1. I have had some great meals and some bad. Prefer green bean which is always good.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Yes - or Sylvester's or Silver Spoon or Look. Really too bad. I always loved sitting inside Jake's because of the old historical feel it has.

      Have you tried the McFadden's yet? Or any new places?

      1. re: JunieB

        I think Sylvester's is way worse than Jakes and the Look has horrible coffee, a deal breaker in a breakfast place . Silver spoon ok if you are in Easthampton but not worth a trip.

        1. re: magiesmom

          That's very interesting. In the 11 years I've lived here I've never had a bad meal at Sylvester's, but I have to admit I pretty much order the same things every time. I don't drink coffee so I could care less about Look's coffee, but my husband is a coffee snob and he just says it's diner coffee and he'll drink it because he likes the food there. I live in E'hampton and I drive to N'hampton to eat and if I lived in N'hampton I would definitely drive to Silver Spoon for breakfast or lunch.

          Just goes to show how subjective food can be!

          1. re: JunieB

            Yup. I hate how at Sylvester's they cannot ever se to get the cheese melted in an omelet.

            I like Green Bean so much I pretty much don't bother with anywhere else.

            1. re: magiesmom

              I've never eaten in Jake's...and now I'm sure I won't be going in there. Love Green Bean except for the fact that their veggie burger has eggs in it!