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Sep 13, 2013 01:50 PM

Edmonton Dinner Recommendation

I'll be in Edmonton for a concert next month and am looking for a recommendation on where to have dinner beforehand.
We're staying in the NE and thought we could eat downtown then take the train to Rexall so something downtown near the train. Most of the group likes seafood but a couple are not keen while another couple does not eat red meat. Somewhere with a lively atmosphere where we can have a few drinks, though not frat party lively. ;) We're near middle aged. Nothing outrageous price-wise. Under $25 per main. Any recommendations are welcome!

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  1. If you like seafood and you want to be downtown, try Sabor Divino. I like the warmth of the room, and while not terribly lively, it's a comfortable place with consistently good food.

    1. I am back to this board after a long while and I am sad to see that you did not get more than one reply ( which has a good recommendation) the Edmonton presence appears to be dwindling ( mea culpa)

      In comparison this could be called the Calgary Board