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Sep 13, 2013 01:47 PM

Reasonably priced (very) Mexican-Latin Am around Mission with good atmosphere, preferably outdoor seating... for tonite :) [San Francisco]

So this is the LAST night with the picky relatives and since we are all broke from too many meals and drinks, looking for cheap but nice ambiance, mexican is great or something like it, in the mission or thereabouts- i.e. authentic, local, cheap, but can house a group of 9...
looked at el farolito but saw something about it being filthy- but looking for sit-down experience, outdoors is good too
I swear this is my last request.... thanks so much for all suggestions

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  1. In San Francisco it'll probably be under 60 degrees with a chilly breeze by dinnertime.

    If you want Mexican outside you'd do better to stay on the Peninsula.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks, Robert. has to be in SF. Outdoors was just a suggestion- sit down with room for a group and cheap good food is what I'm looking for. Looking at La Corneta or Chavas or El Zocalo - or other recs.

      1. re: laterible

        Chava's is good for sit-down Mexican. Other good cheap places with nicer atmosphere that can handle groups:

        Poquito, Ecuadorean / pan-Latin
        Angkor-Borei, Cambodian
        Helmand Palace, Afghan
        Bodega Bistro, Vietnamese

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          thanks, decided on Chico's Grill- right near my son on mission and richland and it gets rave reviews (chef worked at tadich). plus they answered the phone and took a reservation
          will let you know how it was....

          1. re: laterible

            Today Tasting Table featured Chico's Grill for Poblano cooking. How did you like it?

            Chico's Grill
            3771 Mission St
            San Francisco, CA 94110
            (415) 970-0375

      2. Too late for tonight, but Poc Chuc (Yucatecan on 1th) would have been my pick. Or slightly less cheap, Chilango on Church near Market.

        1. Maybe El Techo de Lolina