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Sep 13, 2013 12:19 PM


A friend raved about SN beer that I have never heard of.... really! Anyone can give me ideas on how good it is. Also, is it worth visiting the brewery in CA?

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  1. Is it a specific Sierra Nevada brew you haven't heard of, or you haven't heard of SN in general?

    1. Overall I would rate SN as a great brewer, but would say that they have quite a few offerings and at least to my palate I find that there's a fairly wide dispersion in the brews that I really like, and really don't like.

      Interesting you put up this post as I was just going to (and will) post on a couple new SNs I tried a few days ago: Flipside "Red IPA" and Narwahl Imperial stout... true to form I loved the Narwahl and didn't care much for flipside.

      1. First, maybe you should let us know what are some of the beers that you like. Then someone can steer you to a SN product you might like.

        1. They are the second largest craft brewer in the US (behind Samuel Adams / Boston Beer Company), the seventh largest brewer overall, and you haven't heard of them?

          As TroyTempest asked, with what beers are you familiar? I see you have a lot of Hawaii posts, so if you do live there you may have some serious gaps due to the limited distribution there.

          I don't think their brewery warrants a special trip, unless you are in Chico for whatever reason.