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Sep 13, 2013 11:34 AM

Best Bakery [London]

My hotel has a refrigerator and tea service in the room. I would like to use it for breakfast and snacks. What is the best bakery in central London for cookies, pastries, and bread?

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  1. Both Harrod's and Harvey Nichols have very good bread choices. I don't find the prices to be much more, if any more, than I'd pay locally for interesting choices. Places like Borough Market also have vast bread stalls. Paul and Valerie Patisserie sell the usual French suspects.They have shops all over London. I like the Waitrose on Marylebone High St. if I'm over that way... very good breads and rolls.All the Waitrose stores usually have nice selections of pastries, bread etc.

    1. Gail's every time for me, or else the local bakery in South London, the Blackbird. But Gail's have several central locations - South Kensington, King's Road, Wardour Street, also one near Tottenham Court Road. Good variety of breads, lovely pastries (the cinnamon buns are even better in my view than the Nordic bakery!), and cookies.

      1. St. John Bread and Wine would be my pick.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions! My hotel is near the Earl's Court underground station and I already have Harrod's on my 'to do' list. Something tells me I am not going to starve! ha

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            Exeter Street Bakery is nearby to earls Court just off high street Kensington which does great bread.

            Additionally, there is a great Italian deli called La Piccola on Stratford Street which sells good Italian loaves and prepared food which is particularly good.

          2. Another vote for Gail's, but <heresy>it's worth bearing in mind that the massive Tesco in Earl's Court has a Euphorium Bakery in it, which is as good as in-store supermarket bread gets in London</heresy>