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Sep 13, 2013 09:48 AM

Great grocery store in Louisville/Boulder area

I'm visiting friends who live in Louisville for about a week; one of the family is sick and I'm flying in to help out. One of the things I plan to do to help is cook up a storm and fill the freezer with prepared meals [stews, pot roast, soups, etc.].

Where is a good place in this area to go for one-shop shopping? Decent quality meats, large & diverse & fresh produce, reasonable selection of ethnic ingredients [spices outside of the McCormick universe at reasonable prices, for example]. My go-to grocery store is Fresh Farms just outside of Chicago, if that means anything to anyone ;-)

Specifically I'm looking for a place that would have dried mexican chilies AND frozen tortolini AND escarole.
Thanks in advance!


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  1. Whole Foods in Superior is your best bet. Especially given the current disaster. But it won't be inexpensive.

    1. I second whole foods in superior. small but it works. depending on when you get here most of the roads are blocked or flooded right now but i would imagine they'll get clear soon. i like Whole Foods on Pearl st. and the farmers market. there is some great stuff. but i heard the farms dealt with lots of damage. if the roads are clear you can even got to some of the farms like munsons at 75th and valmont or really hike it out to Full moon farms in Niwot.