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Sep 13, 2013 08:07 AM

Brunch Parsippany, Denville, Boonton

Any suggestions for Sunday Brunch in either Parsippany, Denville, Boonton or nearby?

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  1. They do not do a brunch per se, but for the best breakfast in the area by far, go to Doc's in Denville. I could not find a website, only a FB page, Seriously, amazing food, and since it is fall they have pumpkin pie stuffed french toast (their french toast is made with house made brioche) with a caramel pecan topping, apple & oatmeal pancakes, as well as pumpkin pancakes. Everything is made from scratch, and is well more than a step above typical good breakfast fare. Of course a place with food this good, you will likely have to wait for a table, but it is well worth the wait.

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      their website link on facebook is down but their phone number is: (862) 209-1464. It sounds like a good fit for you professor shorthair and I know how much your wife likes pumpkin.

    2. Oh just noticed, they changed the name, it is no longer Doc's Kitchen, it is now Carvers. The staff is the same, and the food remains awesome! A friend had the Apple and oatmeal pancakes this morning and raved about them.

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        Thanks for the name change heads up. We are going there. I would have been very confused by the name change.

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          Please let us know how your breakfast visit goes. I should also warn you, they are cash only. (there is an ATM nearby if needed, at the bank on Diamond Spring Rd between 1st and 2nd. Carvers is on 1st Ave, just a couple of doors down from the corner of Diamond Spring and 1st) There is metered parking on the street, and a municipal lot across the street from Carvers, Be careful, as they do enforce and ticket there. I believe parking is free on Sundays, but check the signs to be sure.