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Sep 13, 2013 07:47 AM

Looking for good goat and uni on the Amalfi Coast

Goat and uni happen to be my husband's two favorite foods and I'd like to treat him to them on our honeymoon next week in Positano. Any suggestions of where you've had good dishes with these two not-so-common ingredients? Thank you!

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  1. Uni, sea urchins, in Italian are ricci di mare, and you are unlikely to find them in Positano in September. I believe the season for fishing them is Nov-May, though I'm not sure. They are used on pasta as well as alone, but they're not common -- though the impression we get when snorkeling is that they are all over the place.

    Goat, which is to say kid, capretto, is eaten but almost never seen in restaurants, especially at the seashore -- it's a country dish.

    1. Maybe in Positano if you ask for uni, they will know what you want...but look for "ricci di mare" . Chez Black has a picture of a spaghetti dish with ricci di mare on their website. Be aware that it may not be in season locally though its likely that restaurants of this sort will ship it in out of season.

      capretto (baby goat) also tends to be a seasonal item - if you dont get a recommendation here, I suggest you ask locally - maybe a restaurant can prepare something on a special order basis for you.. We had kid down in Paestum a number of years ago, but that was in late March.

      1. You might have better luck in Capri? For instance at the restaurant Il Riccio? I know I had a few dishes ther, with sea urchin. Since it is their namesake, you might have the best luck there.


        It would make a lovely day trip from Positano. You could have your hotel call first to reserve and see if they have them on the menu.


        1. I didn't see any ricci on the menu at the places we ate in Pos in June, but had some fantastic ricci at Acquapazza in Cetara.

          1. For goat you can try asking La Tagliata, a restaurant in Montepertuso, a town just above Positano well known for it's meat dishes.


            I have rarely seen ricci on the menu on the amalfi coast.