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Sep 13, 2013 07:35 AM

Newcomer to St. John's

I've just moved to St. John's and want people's best picks for shopping and eating.

Here's what we've done so far:

Fish & Chips: Have compared Ches's, Duke of Duckworth and Leo's and have settled on Leo's as our favourite.

Love Piatto for pizza.

Good meal at Chinched.

Great coffee at Rocket Cafe.

Georgetown bakery - this will be the death of me - great bread.

Have been to Belbin's and joined the cheese club.

Have had fish from the fish depot ranging from o.k. to fantastic.

We've been here for 2 Saturdays, so have made 2 trips to the farmers' market. This will be a routine, for sure. I also special-ordered 2 pounds of basil from Lester's market in Mt. Pearl and did a huge pesto production yesterday. The basil was fabulous.

Where is the best place for groceries? Which store has the broadest selection, including ethnic stuff?

I have a kid with an allergy to nuts - any tips for safe restaurants would be great, too. We love the mini donut stand at the market and my son looks forward to it all week.

We're expecting a number of sets of visitors from Ontario over the next few months. Any tips for where to take them? Raymond's looks great, but soooo expensive. Hopefully Mallard Cottage will open and we can try that. Also Bacalao looks interesting.

Loving it here so far. I look forward to your tips.

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  1. Hey there, I'm from St. John's but live in Calgary now. I try to go back home once a year though. My most recent trip was last May. I really loved Bacalao and Chinched. Great food and good service. Lots of local selections.

    My in-laws just went to St. John's for a visit. Here are the food-related suggestions I sent them:

    Food (mostly downtown):
    • Bacalao – great NL food at a decent price. Good for lunch or dinner
    • Duke of Duckworth (pub from the show “Republic of Doyle”… good fish & chips, I hear)
    • Bagel Café -- Huge breakfasts or brunch, including toutons!
    • Moo Moo’s -- (my favourite soft serve ice cream ever + homemade hard ice cream)
    • Big R – fish & chips, one of Greg’s faves
    • Ches’s Fish & Chips – very popular spot
    • Fat Nanny’s (on Duckworth) – best place in town for jams, coffee beans and baked goods
    • Rocket Bakery – popular for baked goods downtown though I prefer Fat Nanny’s
    • Fancier dinners -- Chinched, Raymond’s, Atlantica (~10 mins outside of St. John’s)
    • Jumping Bean – next to the Big R… my favourite coffee in town
    • Ziggy Peelgood’s -- a truck parked on Water & George Street – best of fries, dressing & gravy
    • Beachy Cove Café -- ~10 mins outside of town. Very good traditional NL food.
    • Piatto – Very good for thin crust pizza. Not very “Newfie” but Greg and I enjoyed our meal last time we went home.
    • Mallard Cottage – this may not be open yet. It’s been unconstruction for a while. The chef/owner was on the first season of Top Chef Canada. We stayed at his B&B, The Chef’s Inn (recommended!) when we went down in 2011. Very nice guy. Mallard Cottage is a very old heritage house that he was reconstructing into a restaurant. It’s taking a long time though because they have to preserve certain things plus I heard there was a fire there. Anyway, check and see if it’ will beopen when you’re there.

    1. Also Bidgood’s grocery store – in Kilbride. Best selection of Newfie foods

      1. Looks like you have made a great start to finding the best that St. John's has to offer. I think the bagels at Georgetown are as good as any I had in Montreal. Piatto and Chinched are very good. I would add just a couple of spots to your list. India Gate has excellent, albeit expensive, Indian food. Beachy Cove restaurant has good fish and chips in a beautiful setting near the Bell's Island ferry.