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Sep 12, 2013 08:09 PM

Need a breakfast idea for 10 people

The breakfast for 10 has to travel for 4 days, well 2 days of travel and 2 days in a hotel room suite with a kitchen where I will be preparing it (so I'm thinking I have to bring cooking utensils/equipment). The first day I'm making banana macadamia pancakes with homemade raspberry syrup and sausage links with tropical fruit on the side. I just found out I'm also making the next day's breakfast. We leave in two days. This is for my step-daughter's wedding (who I love dearly) and will be the breakfast the day the family leaves the hotel. I'd love it to be special, but time and location are problematic. The wedding is on a remote island with few grocery options. Ideas?

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  1. If you have access to an oven, then how about a "strata", or a savory bread pudding? You could make them special by using higher end ingredients: iberico ham, or brandy in the sauce, or nice dried fruit in the pud...

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      That's a good idea. I was thinking scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese and green onion, with fruit on the side, but I think I like your idea better.

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        I was going to suggest strata, too. Or quiche. Granola, yogurt, and fruit for those who don't care for eggs in the morning.

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          I like the granola/yogurt option! Thanks!

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          If you make the strata and then divide and bake in a muffin pan the visual appeal is vastly improved and feels more "special".

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            Ooooooo I've never done that with a strata before! I Like it!

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              i agree - otherwise it looks like some sort of potluck (apologies to any and everyone) ----

              i say you go and get some of those fancy looking parchment "tall" muffin cups (or make your own from normal parchment - i'm sure there are instructions on Martha's website) - then strata in to those parchment cups that you have inserted in to the muffin pan

              now the only thing is - strata is usually "soaked" overnite in the fridge - that said ---- i do it with normal white parchment overnight in a casserole dish - so probably best to make your own "muffin cups" of sturdy white parchment vs those fancy muffin liners

              ps - there are various versions of strata
              1. traditional - Better Homes and Gardens recipe book of any edition in the past decades

              2. Best of Bridge recipe - Christmas Morning Wife Saver - i think it might include thin ham slices (deli ham)

              3. no meat, no savory ----- blueberries and cream cheese cubes and sweet bread cubes plus the usual egg mix ---- add some cinnamon powder to the egg mix and on top of casserole before baking

              1. re: Georgia Strait

                Thanks for these hints! I'm definitely using the parchment paper idea next time! Sounds awesome!

      2. I've made Smitten Kitchen's Spinach-Gruyere Strata and it's fabulous. Bring fruit and make a fruit salad to go with it.

        Citrus travels well and I've made Mark Bittman's Sunshine Citrus Salad and it's also excellent.

        Have fun!

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          Thank you! I was pouring through recipes this morning before making the 30 minute trip to my local grocer. (I live in the mountains. It's beautiful, but not exactly handy. lol!) I'll check yours out right away!

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            I also went to your blog. Very Nice!

          2. This may well be too late, but...

            First off, I'd call the hotel and ask what kind of equipment the hotel room with a kitchen includes. I've rented hotel rooms with a kitchen (suite type) that came fully equipped right down to pie tins and wine glasses and I've booked hotel suites with a kitchen where the "kitchen" turned out to be one burner in an armoire! (And I had invited two cycling teams for a carbo-loading pasta dinner the night before a big race!) Maybe you don't have to take anything or maybe all you'll have is a glorified hot plate! But at least you'll have a clear idea of what you will need when you get there.

            That said... my vote is for quiche!

            Or maybe you'll need a cooler you can pack with dry ice so you do your cooking at home and take it along frozen??? (Lordy, for your sake I hope not!) '-)

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            1. re: Caroline1

              My daughter called them. Evidently there's an oven and a full fridge. Beyond that, I don't care. I'm bringing everything else I need, and most is premade. I did ask about dry ice because I was concerned about the wedding cake I made which is currently in my -6 freezer, but no one in my small town carries it. (sigh) I've frozen jugs of water, so I don't have wet everything. That usually works for me when we're bringing food long distances, and they usually last 2-3 days in an ice chest. So, off we go today. Here is the menu: Wedding Cake consisting od 4 layers of chocolate raspberry cake, raspberry cream filling, and rasperry scented buttercream frosting covered with fresh raspberries and garnished with a couple mint leaves. Morning After the Wedding: Banana Macadamia Pancakes with Tangerine Butter, Fresh Raspberry Sauce, and warm (pure) Maple Syrup with sausage links on the side. Lunches both days: Homemade whole wheat rolls, ham, a variety of cheeses, variety of mustards and condiments, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, etc. Breakfast Day Two: I'm doing a variation of Smitten Kitchen's Strata by making it larger with Asparagus, Spinach, Asiago, Goat Cheese, Gruyere, and Fontina. (Decided against the muffin pans as I'm a little overwhelmed right now, but definitely doing that in the future.) Also making the citrus salad that mce1215 recommended, but added more honey to the dressing as the bride has a sweet tooth! So, we're taking the truck instead of the car! Everything that can be pre-sauteed, chopped, sliced, baked, or mixed is. And we're leaving in a few moments. Thanks everyone for your help! I'm sure my daughter will appreciate the intimacy having home-cooked meals at a hotel will afford her special occassion.

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                Good luck with your cooking and especially the transporting! And in the future, if there's a Walmart near you, call them and ask if they carry dry ice. That's where I get mine when I need to pack some into my freezer during a power failure. At my Walmart, I buy it at the courtesy desk.

                1. re: Caroline1

                  No dry ice anywhere in my town. Can you believe it? But then, they also don't sell fresh oregano, lol! (They call it a "specialty" item." With only three grocers in town, and the next closest one an hour away, I'm pretty stuck out in the boons here. I am working with one of the managers to get a few things here... goat cheese, asiago, fontina. sigh. At least I have my own chickens and ducks, so I have a source for free-range, organic eggs! Btw, no store in town sells high heels either. I am wearing a pair I had that just happened to match my dress well enough.

            2. like many others I too was thinking a strata or a frittata.

              so you're catering a huge part of the weekend yourself? you must love her dearly.

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              1. re: hill food

                That I do, but I'll be glad when my part is over. I'm having nightmares about that cake... unthawing, sweating, and the frosting dripping off, or never thawing and being too frozen to cut. lol! However, I frequently have anywhere from two to thirty people staying at my house. I have a huge kitchen with a 6-burner Garland stove with double oven, double griddle, and salamander. It's really not unusual for her to ask this of me as my many friends do as well.

                1. re: KatheM

                  not your OQ but regarding the cake if it's not too late maybe pack the frosting separately and frost when you get there.

              2. Powdered eggs are actually pretty good, If you're concerned about transporting fresh eggs. They're used quite often in buffets.

                If you have a panini press that you can bring along (or if there is one in the room), breakfast panini's might be fun too, along with a fruit salad. You could get creative with the fillings too, like scrambled egg with spinach, feta and mozarella. I like to brush the outside of the ciabatta bread with butter and hit it with some garlic powder before putting the sandwiches on the grill.